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Oye, tú!

Tú que eres una chica/un chico posmo, ven, visita Posmopolitan, nuestra nueva revista online, dedicada a las sesudas paparruchadas que te interesan!

En nuestro primer número:

Derridaist reading and Baudrillardist simulacra
Henry R. Werther
Department of Future Studies, University of California
Jean-Jean O. M. de Selby
Department of English, Massachusetts Institute of Technolo

In the works of Fellini, a predominant concept is the concept of semiotic reality. Thus, the subject is interpolated into a that includes culture as a totality. Lyotard promotes the use of Marxist capitalism to attack class divisions....

Constructivism in the works of Madonna
Martin M. U. Dahmus
Department of Ontology, University of Illinois
Thomas Abian
Department of Sociology, University of California, Berkeley
1. Joyce and semioticist neocultural theory
If one examines dialectic socialism, one is faced with a choice: either reject constructivism or conclude that the goal of the participant is social comment. Thus, the premise of postpatriarchial discourse implies that the law is fundamentally used in the service of sexism...

The Stasis of Class: Deconstructive narrative in the works of Gaiman
Andreas C. Drucker
Department of Sociolinguistics, Carnegie-Mellon University
1. Narratives of fatal flaw
"Society is elitist," says Sartre. In a sense, if neodialectic nationalism holds, we have to choose between deconstructive narrative and postdialectic objectivism. The main theme of Wilson"s[1] critique of Foucaultist power relations is the difference between sexual identity and society...

Socialism in the works of Stone
David von Ludwig
Department of Future Studies, Miskatonic University, Arkham, Mass.
1. Discourses of collapse
If one examines modernist theory, one is faced with a choice: either reject the precultural paradigm of context or conclude that consciousness serves to oppress minorities. However, many discourses concerning Derridaist reading exist. Bataille uses the term "the precultural paradigm of context" to denote a mythopoetical paradox...

Reassessing Realism: Neosemiotic semanticist theory and capitalist neodialectic theory
Linda B. C. McElwaine
Department of Ontology, University of California, Berkeley
1. Narratives of collapse
The primary theme of Cameron"s[1] essay on neosemiotic semanticist theory is the genre, and eventually the fatal flaw, of textual sexual identity. However, if postcapitalist desituationism holds, we have to choose between capitalist neodialectic theory and textual predialectic theory. Lyotard suggests the use of capitalist nationalism to read and analyse society...

Nota al pie:
Todos estos ensayos no tienen ningún sentido. Han sido generados aleatoreamient, por el Postmodernism Generator.

Más detalles técnicos pueden encontrarse en:
Monash University Department of Computer Science Technical Report 96/264: "On the Simulation of Postmodernism and Mental Debility Using Recursive Transition Networks". 
Este es mi blog personal, déjenme deleitarme con el uso del "and" en el título del "paper"... ;-)

Si alguien cree que nadie puede tomarse en serio lo que está escrito arriba, bueno, pueden leer el desopilante Asunto Sokal, que merecería un post aparte.

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