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20 de Mayo, 2009

Publicado el 20 de Mayo, 2009, 11:03

Hace unos días, gracias a a un mensaje de @abelperez por Twitter descubrí este excelente post

Acoustic Guitar Some of the Best Acoustic Guitarists in the World

y escribí sobre

Blues acústico con Terry Robb

Hoy quería compartir de ese post, el arte y la técnica de Tommy Emmanuel:

Tommy Emmanuel is an Australian guitarist, best known for his complex fingerpicking style, energetic performances and the use of percussive effects on the guitar. By the age of 9, in 1964, he was a working professional musician. Recognizing the musical talents of Tommy and his brother Phil, their father created a family band, sold the family home and took his family on the road. With the family living in two station wagons, much of Emmanuel’s childhood was spent touring Australia with his family, playing rhythm guitar, and rarely going to school. The family found it difficult living on the road; they were poor and were often hungry, never settling in one place. His father would often drive ahead, organize interviews, advertising and finding the local music shop where they'd have an impromptu concert the next day. Eventually the New South Wales Department of Education insisted that the Emmanuel children needed to go to school regularly. 'Artist Discography'  

Notable el manejo de todas las cuerdas, la "percusión", la fuerza, claridad en punteo, mantenimiento del ritmo... Y para demostrar otro tipo de música y técnica, este Over the rainbow:

Pueden visitar el sitio oficial de Emmanuel

Nos leemos!

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