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 Large Hadron Rap

First Quantum Computer With Quantum CPU And Separate Quantum RAM

Particle physics and representation theory

Group Theory and Elementary Particles
Este es un gran "paper", que explica el "eightfold way"

Harmonic Oscillators as Bridges between Theories: Einstein, Dirac, and Feynman
El tema de osciladores armónicos, siempre presente en la historia

Garrett Lisi on his theory of everything TED Video

Symphony of science - the Quantum World!

Mass, Spin, and Charge Are Properties of the Wave Function
Varios temas a discutir en

Bohr and Einstein

The Quantum Theory of the Emission and Absorption of Radiation, by Dirac
Es el "paper" fundacional de la Electrodinámica Cuántica

La "scattering matrix" (o S-matrix) (matriz de dispersión) relaciona los estados inicial y final de un sistema físico sujeto a un proceso de dispersión.

Technical Papers

Quantum Physics

Quantum Electrodynamics Videos

Teoría alternativa, a discutir

Heisenberg Picture

Linguistics Manifesto: Higgs boson, a bad idea, part four

Linguistics Manifesto: Higgs boson, a bad idea, part eight

LHCb experiment sees Standard Model physics

Latest Results from the Large Hadron Collider Do Not Look Good For the Supersymmetry Theory of Everything

Elusive subatomic particle may not exist after all

These Are Pictures of Electron Orbitals

Quark: Table of properties


Quantum Physics 130
Notas de un curso en línea

Electro Self Energy

With friends like these, who needs anomalies?

AIP's Niels Bohr Library Makes Goudsmit Papers Available Online

The Standard Model Explains Force And Matter

Physics: The Bohr Model

Interpretation of basic free boson propagator (Euclidean action)

A Brief History of Quantum Mechanics (Part 1)

How the Large Hadron Collider works,0,7215835.htmlstory

What is the Uncertainty Principle?

Math Can be Peculiar but Quantum Physics is Even Stranger – Aspect I

How a Holographic Universe Emerged From Fight With Stephen Hawking

Penrose, non-computable quantum effects in microtubules
Estoy en desacuerdo con Penrose
Quantum computation in brain microtubules? The Penrose-Hameroff "Orch OR" model of consciousness

Stuart Hameroff defends Orch-OR theory at TSC 2010 - Pt 1 of 2

Gaps in Penrose's Toilings

Cytoskeletons and Microtubules

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