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Publicado el 11 de Marzo, 2012, 16:16

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Sigo con más enlaces de mi colección sobre el bosón de Higgs. Tengo más, pero por hoy soy suficientes los de esta lista. En el anterior post ya presenté mi escepticismo. Todo está fundado en el "buen cierre" del modelo estándar. Pero podría haber explicaciones alternativas. Veremos en qué desemboca esta búsqueda.

Higgs rumours fly as meeting approaches

Higgs rumour hot off the grapevine

The plot heard "round the world (and a contrarian viewpoint)

Why 10 Years To Be Sure There"s No Higgs Particle(s)?

Lots of Misleading Higgs Stories

A 125-126 GeV Higgs?

Favored Higgs hiding spot remains after most complete search yet

Higgs hunt enters endgame
Large Hadron Collider could soon deliver a clear verdict on missing boson.

Peter Higgs

Is the Higgs boson real?
Rumours abound that Cern scientists have finally glimpsed the long-sought Higgs boson. We asked physicists to share their thoughts on the elusive entity

Finding the Higgs: Potentially A Very Long Road

Higgs Boson hunt on hold until 2012

Higgs Boson: One page explanation

The Higgs boson

A Lightweight Standard Model Higgs Particle

Mumbai update: Higgs search and other stuff

Prequark Chromodynamics

Higgs boson, a bad idea, part four

Higgs Boson, a bad idea, part eight

Elusive subatomic particle may not exist after all

With friends like these, who needs anomalies?

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