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25 de Marzo, 2012

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Ya saben que éste es un tema que me interesa. Hay que estudiar a la ciencia desde más allá de la ciencia, para entender sus fundamentos y su método. Algunos enlaces que me parecen interesantes:

Being human is important because we"re human

sztajnszrajber: Eclipse de Dios

Talk: Mario Bunge and Juan Jose Sebreli (Spanish)
See Sebreli Book: "Adios a la razon"

Hypotheses non fingo

Systemism: the alternative to individualism and holism

The Carl Sagan Portal

Structural Realism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Horizon: Richard Feynman

Somos Primates » ¿Crees que solo hay una realidad?
Yes, there is only one reality, many models

BBC Horizon (2011) - What is Reality (sub en Español)‬‏ - YouTube

Stephen Greenblatt traces how Lucretius in "De Rerum Natura" shaped the present | Harvard Magazine Jul-Aug 2011

But It Worked in the Computer Simulation!

The Renaissance man: how to become a scientist over and over again | Not Exactly Rocket Science | Discover Magazine

George Church: The overlap between science and faith is "vast and fertile" « Why Evolution Is True

YouTube - Here Be Dragons - The Movie

It"s all Newton"s Fault | Collaborative Planning & Social Business

The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science (Repost)

Science and Philosophy Interview | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine

Bergson, Prigogine and the Rediscovery of Time

Solipsism vs. Ockham - Straight Dope Message Board

Guest Blog: The Evolution of the Physicist's Picture of Nature

Michael Ruse: New Atheism is as bad as the Tea Party « Why Evolution Is True

An elegant multiverse? Professor Brian Greene considers the possibilities

Homenaje a Mario Bunge

Bertrand Russell - Un mensaje para el futuro (1959)

Foundation for Critical Thinking: Books, Conferences and Academic Resources for Educators and Students.

La consciencia es el mayor enigma de la ciencia y la filosofía

The truth about scientific peer review

Translational Invariance and Newton"s God

How close are scientific disciplines?

La filosofía y la ciencia

Hegel, Ciencia y Filosofía, por Mario Bunge

Ciencia y Filosofía de la Ciencia

Filosofía de la ciencia, según Losee, parte 1

Filosofía y ciencia, revisitadas

Conocimiento humano, filosofía y ciencia, en Bertrand Russell

Grandes preguntas en filosofía

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