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Publicado el 22 de Junio, 2012, 14:28

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Estoy pensando empezar una serie sobre la historia del cálculo infinitesimal. Mientras tanto, más enlaces del tema general, algunas biografías, resultados conocidos, otros resultados menos conocidos.

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet

Isaac Barrow

An interesting multivariable calculus example

Esfera, cilindro y una constante inesperada

Si te digo veintiún mililitros, son 21 mililitros

Harold Calvin Marston Morse

Reader Survey: log|x| + C

General Antiderivatives

Functional analysis
Functional analysis is a branch of mathematical analysis, the core of which is formed by the study of vector spaces endowed with some kind of limit-related structure (e.g. inner product, norm, topology, etc.) and the linear operators acting upon these spaces and respecting these structures in a suitable sense. The historical roots of functional analysis lie in the study of spaces of functions and the formulation of properties of transformations of functions such as the Fourier transform as transformations defining continuous, unitary etc. operators between function spaces. This point of view turned out to be particularly useful for the study of differential and integral equations.

Luis Caffarelli y Michael Aschbacher, Premio Wolf de Matemáticas 2012
Los matemáticos Luis Caffarelli (argentino) y Michael Aschbacher (estadounidense) han sido galardonados con el Premio Wolf de Matemáticas en su edición de 2012. Caffarelli lo gana por su trabajo sobre ecuaciones en derivadas parciales y Aschbacher por sus importantes aportaciones a la demostración del teorema de clasificación de grupos finitos simples.

A Family of Nontrivial Homology Classes (part 3)

Hyperreals and Non-Standard Analysis

Green's function

The Classical Stokes Theorem

Cédric Villani
Cédric Villani (born 5 October 1973) is a French mathematician working primarily on partial differential equations and mathematical physics. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 2010.

Cedric Villani

Laurent Schwartz

The Cotlar-Stein lemma

The Picard Iteration Converges

Stein"s spherical maximal theorem

Improving Freshman Math: The Integral Test

Gronwall"s Inequality

Sobolev spaces on manifolds

The Bourgain-Guth argument for proving restriction theorems

Los radares de Lagrange

Conformal Mapping on Riemann Surfaces (Dover Books on Mathematics)

An Introduction to the Calculus of Variations (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Introduction to Partial Differential Equations: From Fourier Series to Boundary-Value Problems (Dover Books on Mathematics)

General Theory of Functions and Integration (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Complex Analysis with Applications (Dover Books on Mathematics)

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