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Hay novedades en el tema bosón de Higgs en estos días. Pero antes de exponerlas, quisiera completar la lista de enlcaes con lo que fui encontrando en meses pasados.

A Higgs Setback: Did Stephen Hawking Just Win the Most Outrageous Bet in Physics History?

The Higgs Boson Explained

What is the Higgs Boson?

The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate

Of Particular Significance
Conversations About Science with Theoretical Physicist Matt Strassler

Higgs vs Popper: Falsification Falsified.

Higgs boson hints multiply in US Tevatron facility data

Tevatron observa indicios del bosón de Higgs consistentes con los del LHC usando distintas técnicas

Tevatron experiments report latest results in search for Higgs boson

All on the Higgs for (nearly) everyone

CERN plans for even more intense year of LHC physics

World"s best measurement of W boson mass tests Standard Model, Higgs boson limits

Fermilab Set to Reveal "Interesting" Higgs Boson Results

Tweeting live #Higgs boson updates from #CERN

Latest from the LHC

Implications of LHC searches for Higgs--portal dark matter

This Week"s Rumor

The Koide Formula Explained By Flavour Mixing In A Weyl 2-Spinor, Schroedinger "Zitterbewegung" Lepton

The Koide Lepton Mass Formula and Geometry of Circles

Spin Path Integrals and Generations

Koide formula

Higgs for the Holidays

Higgs, Fermi-Dirac distribution, and Pauli exclusion principle

Dirac equation for electron in EM and Higgs fields?

Einstein On Steroids: Dirac, The Higgs, And Speeding Neutrinos

Higgs Boson - Sixty Symbols

It might look like a Higgs but does it really sing like one?

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