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10 de Agosto, 2012

Publicado el 10 de Agosto, 2012, 13:49

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Sigo con mis enlaces. Hay varios temas a investigar, como el entrelazamiento, la localidad, el experimento de los neutrinos (en próximos enlaces ya aparece desmentido), el modelo estándard y Higgs, etc... Tantos temas, una sola vida :-)

Quest for quirky quantum particles may have struck gold
Evidence for elusive Majorana fermions raises possibilities for quantum computers.

Faster than light neutrinos? More like faulty wiring
You can shelf your designs for a warp drive engine (for now) and put the DeLorean back in the garage; it turns out neutrinos may not have broken any cosmic speed limits after all.

World"s best measurement of W boson mass tests Standard Model, Higgs boson limits

February 2012 issue of symmetry available

Faster-than-light neutrinos explained?

Whoops! Faster-than-light neutrinos don"t exist after all

History of quantum mechanics

Fermilab Set to Reveal "Interesting" Higgs Boson Results

Tweeting live #Higgs boson updates from #CERN

Julian Seymour Schwinger

Mathematical Foundations of Quantum Field Theory

An Introduction to Group Therapy for Particle Physics

The Langlands Program and Quantum Field Theory

Latest from the LHC

How To Think About Quantum Field Theory

Preparation for YETS another physics run

Spinning dancers around poles

Explaining electron spin and Pauli exclusion principle to children

Implications of LHC searches for Higgs--portal dark matter
The search for the a Standard Model Higgs boson at the LHC is reaching a critical stage as the possible mass range for the particle has become extremely narrow and some signal at a mass of about 125 GeV is starting to emerge. We study the implications of these LHC Higgs searches for Higgs portal models of dark matter in a rather model independent way.

Quantum physicists shed new light on relation between entanglement and nonlocality

CdSe Quantum Dots synthesis

(1/2) What's going on in Quantum Mechanical Systems?

(2/2) What's going on in Quantum Mechanical Systems?

First quantum jiggles detected in solid object

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