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23 de Agosto, 2012

Publicado el 23 de Agosto, 2012, 17:03

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Más enlaces de temas matemáticos diversos, hay de todo como en botica ;-)

Maxwell"s Equations in Differential Forms

Minkowski Space

The Meaning of the Speed of Light

The Faraday Field

A Continued Rant on Electromagnetism Texts and the Pedagogy of Science

Reader Survey: log|x| + C

Is Summation Notation Ambiguous?

General Antiderivatives

20 Things You Didn't Know About... Math

Some ingredients in Szemerédi"s proof of Szemerédi"s theorem

The proof is trivial!

Functional analysis

Pierre-Simon Laplace

Java Interactive Mathematical Handwriting Recognizer

Continued fractions, Bohr sets, and the Littlewood conjecture

Curso sobre el Teorema de Gödel

Capital asset pricing model

Kaggle is an arena where you can match your data science skills against a global cadre of experts in statistics, mathematics, and machine learning.

School for quants

55+ Simply Stunning Fractal Artworks

Emmy Noether and The Fabric of Reality


The Life of Leonhard Euler

Napier's Bones - Jane Wess

Calculating Combinations the Erlang Way

Generate permutations iteratively without recursion or stack with Ruby/Erlang

Algorithm for finding numerical permutation given lexicographic index

Write a program which generates the all permutations of n different objects

Steinhaus–Johnson–Trotter algorithm


El desarrollo más bello de Pi como suma infinita

Siete ecuaciones que gobiernan el mundo

Evgeny Evgenievich Slutsky

Olimpiada Matemática "THALES": 2º ESO y 6º Primaria

Axel Thue

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