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14 de Febrero, 2013

Publicado el 14 de Febrero, 2013, 14:03

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Este tema debe ser mi preferido desde hace algo más de tres décadas. ¿Qué puedo decir? Sólo invitarlos a lo que puede ser un viaje de ida, de toda una vida:

From Milne's book
cited in Chapter 1
The axioms for a group are short and natural. . . .
Yet somehow hidden behind these axioms is the monster simple group, a huge and extraordinary mathematical object, which appears to rely on numerous bizarre coincidences to exist. The axioms for groups give no obvious hint that anything like this exists.
Richard Borcherds, in Mathematicians 2009.

Exceptional object
Rubik's Cube Can Be Solved in Less Than 20 Moves

El número de dios es 20

The Brauer Groupoid

'God couldn't do faster': Rubik's cube mystery solved
 It has taken 15 years to get to this point, but it is now clear that every possible scrambled arrangement of the Rubik's cube can be solved in a maximum of 20 moves

God's Number is 20

E8 (mathematics)

Kim on Fundamental Groups in Number Theory

Fundamental groups and Diophantine geometry

Cayley graphs and the geometry of groups

Generalized moonshine I: Genus zero functions

Lattices and their invariants

Suzuki groups as expanders

Classification of finite simple groups

Semidirect product

Group extension

Approximate subgroups of linear groups

This Week"s Finds in Mathematical Physics (Week 298)
 In "week298" of This Week"s Finds, learn about finite subgroups of the unit quaternions

Course Notes - J.S. Milne

An Invitation to Higher Gauge Theory (Again)

The Automorphism Group of a Root System

Coxeter Graphs and Dynkin Diagrams
The Classification of (Possible) Root Systems

Proving the Classification Theorem V

A proof of Gromov"s theorem

Weyl Chambers
F and the Shibboleth

Mis Enlaces

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