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14 de Abril, 2013

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Más enlaces de este tema, algunos modernos (como lo que pasó con un experimento de neutrinos el año pasado, y algunas noticias de Higgs), otros clásicos.

Fock space

Nobel Prize, Born Lecture

The Birth of Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Theory: Max Born
The Wave Structure of Matter shows that Max Born's Probability Waves Interpretation of Quantum Theory is due to the incorrect 'particle' conception of Matter.

Quantum Physics / Mechanics: Max Born
The Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) replaces Max Born's 'Probability Waves' Interpretation of Quantum Wave Mechanics with Real Matter Waves in Physical Space. Max Born Biography, Pictures & Quotes.

History and Foundations of Quantum Physics

Implications of LHC Results

It"s a Boson! The Higgs as the Latest Offspring of Math & Physics

How the Higgs can lead us to the dark universe

Spinning out of control!
Matter wave

Cuántica sin fórmulas

Did the 'God Particle' Create Matter?

Neutrino velocity consistent with speed of light
Einstein can breathe a sigh of relief – neutrinos obey the cosmic speed limit after all.

July issue of symmetry now online
As excitement builds over what physicists may or may not say about their hunt for the Higgs boson, symmetry goes beyond the "Hamlet question" of whether or not the Higgs exists to ask: What happens next?

Stephen Hawking loses Higgs boson particle bet - video

Particles Found to Travel Faster Than Speed of Light

CERN confirms speedy neutrinos follow laws of physics after all

Into the Subatomic Jungle

Splitting the unsplittable
The Collider, the Particle and a Theory About Fate

At a Workshop; and Higgs Papers Are Out

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