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Publicado el 9 de Mayo, 2013, 9:36

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Tengo varios enlaces a explorar del tema, además de libros. Por ahora, esta tercera entrega:

Additive Geometric Patterns of Resemblance

Bill Thurston « What"s new

On sets defining few ordinary lines « What"s new

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PH212 - Physical Mathematics II - Spring 2011

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University of Toronto Mathematics - Geometry and Topology core course

The Geometry of Projective Space on Vimeo

Symmetry and the Fourth Dimension (Part 4) « Azimuth

SnapPy — SnapPy 1.6.0 documentation

Monge biography

Lecture 6 page 1 at 100 DPI -- 6.885, Folding and Unfolding in Computational Geometry, Prof. Erik Demaine

D¨urer"s Magic Square, Cardano"s Rings, Prince Rupert"s Cube, and Other Neat Things

El cubo de Ruperto, o cuál es el cubo de mayor tamaño que puede atravesar a otro cubo - Gaussianos | Gaussianos

Geometry History - Interesting Facts & Information

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