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Publicado el 16 de Noviembre, 2013, 7:17

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Sigo con este tema apasionante, tengo que comentarles mis nuevas lecturas. Pero por ahora, enlaces:

Quantum Diaries

Chasing the Higgs - How 2 Teams of Rivals Searched for Physics" Most Elusive Particle -

News Alert: LHC Data Confirms Higgs Boson --"But Is it the Standard Model or Something Beyond?"

Discovery of Higgs boson really, truly confirmed « Why Evolution Is True

Higgs Update | Not Even Wrong

Aseguran que encontraron la "partícula de Dios"

Foundations of carbon-based life leave little room for error

Quantum computers leap into the real world - opinion - 13 March 2013 - New Scientist|NSNS|2012-GLOBAL|tech

Feynman's double-slit experiment brought to life

14 February 2013: CERN - First three-year LHC running period reaches a conclusion

El año que descubrimos el bosón | Sociedad | EL PAÍS

Quantum Entanglement is Creating New Classifications of All Phases of Matter

The Function of a Neutron |

Could a nucleus of more than 1 proton but no neutrons exist

why neutrons are needed

Purpose of Neutrons

New Higgs Results Tomorrow? | Not Even Wrong

Quantum Diaries

Quantum Entanglement Leaps Beyond Einstein --"New States of Light"

The first LHC protons run ends with new milestone

Electron spin transport demonstrated for first time in an organic device

CMS, ATLAS experiments report Higgs-like particle close to the 7 sigma level

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