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Publicado el 27 de Enero, 2014, 7:02

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Tantos temas fascinantes e interminables. Les contagio, digo, comparto ;-) más enlaces:

Eight Wonders of the Mathematical World - YouTube

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IMO 2012 en Mar del Plata – Problema nº 2 - Gaussianos | Gaussianos

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Feit biography

Monge biography

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Zolotarev biography

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IFS fractal - YouTube

Lecture 6 page 1 at 100 DPI -- 6.885, Folding and Unfolding in Computational Geometry, Prof. Erik Demaine

Pat'sBlog: On This Day in Math - July 7

Mathematicians use network theory to model champion Spanish soccer team's style

Nash equilibrium - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

How Game Theory Solved a Religious Mystery - Mind Your Decisions by Presh Talwalkar

Al Roth's game theory, experimental economics, and market design page

Game Theory 101: Game Theory Made Easy

Andrey Kolmogorov - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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