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28 de Marzo, 2014

Publicado el 28 de Marzo, 2014, 15:16

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Pensé que ya había compartido enlaces de este tema, pero veo que no. Bueno, algo atrasado estoy, pero vayan hoy estos primeros enlaces de ya hace un tiempo:

"Our people is business people, Tom". Michael Corleone to Tom Hagen, The Godfather ;-) ;-)
Is it Safe to Swim in These Waters? « Business Book Reviews
Serial Entrepreneur Jake Winebaum On The Difference Between Good Ideas And Bad Ideas

How We Built the Software that Processes Billions in Payments

Why Biz Stone Really Left Twitter | Fast Company

MySpace: what went right and what went wrong? - Quora

User-Driven Companies: The Consumer as Co-Designer - NEXT Conference Video

Uruguay pioneers mobile phone English language teaching | Education | Guardian Weekly

Y Combinator Is Boot Camp for Startups | Magazine

Xamarin Joy Factory - Miguel de Icaza

So you want to do a startup, eh?

Buenos Aires: Ciudad de emprendedores

The Science of Tech Startups – Especially Lean Ones

Emprendedores -

How to succeed (the one thing that you"re definitely not doing) | Passive Panda

Empezando un negocio en internet (parte 2)
by @bilinkis

Scalable vs. Non-Scalable job | Patrick Smacchia

Cómo lanzar un proyecto de internet

Si cuento mi idea, me la robarán? | HACE POGO

It sucks to build a startup with the "Google Method" | The Startup Foundry

Ten things top entrepreneurs do differently - The Globe and Mail

Which Type of Entrepreneur Are You? | BNET

Permanence, perseverance and persistence - Entrepreneur

Discover The Patterns Of Successful Internet Startups In The Startup Genome Report - Startup Genome

Una cena, una fiesta, un Google doc y un sueño compartido | Martin Varsavsky | Spanish
by @martinvars

Y Combinator Numbers

Unlocking the Value of the Checkin: What's Next for Location Apps

4 Ways To Nurture Your Child's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Doing Business in Argentina: A Constant Feeling of Crisis

Facebook es fan de una firma argentina de aplicaciones -

"En dos semanas recibí tres ofertas para trabajar en Silicon Valley"

The Evolution Of The Tech Bubble

A VC: Financing Options For Startups

You Need to Win the Battle for Share of Mind | Both Sides of the Table
And a classic about personal development and life hacks:
Mantente hambriento, mantente alocado
(Stay hungry, stay foolish) (English video, with captions)
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