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14 de Abril, 2014

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Tengo que comentar sobre Lean Startup, en un post aparte, en especial sobre el primer libro de Eric Reis. Por ahora, sigo compartiendo enlaces:

Startups, Throw Out Your Financial Models: The Argument For Lean Modeling - Forbes

How to Build Your Startup Technology Stack Real Fast Without Investing Any Money. | Lilly Labs

El taller de emprendedores Lean Startup Machine llega a España

Diagonal Valley: Cuarto Encuentro <Lean UX> - Eventioz

Welcome to The Lean Startup Conference.

How to Identify a Lean Startup by Ash Maurya - Capital Factory Demo Day 2010 - YouTube

Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything - Harvard Business Review

Bringing the Lean Startup approach to healthcare - The Next Web

Lean Analytics: Using Data to Build a Better, Stronger, Faster Startup - Forbes

Abba - JavaScript a/b testing | Alex MacCaw

Introducción al concepto "lean" y las "lean startups"gpmess

Three charts are all I need by Noah of 37signals

Qué es un MVP. Minimum Viable Product.

Maratón Lean Startup: la experiencia Buenos Aires | Wayra Argentina

Lean"s Great Dilemma: Persist or Pivot —

Here"s How Spotify Scales Up And Stays Agile: It Runs "Squads" Like Lean Startups | TechCrunch

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