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30 de Mayo, 2014

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The Power of Nuance of the Heart

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How To Sell Your Company | TechCrunch

Open-sourcing A 200+ Hour Project - The Story Behind It | Fred Wu's Blog | Freelance Ruby on Rails, PHP, Front-end, UI Web Developer in Melbourne, Australia

Lo importante es NO competir

Ctrl+Alt+Compete | Channel 9

Comunidad Innovu | Innovu: El juego del Emprendedor

Las 3 palabras que venden cualquier proyecto -MATERIABIZ

LinkedIn Explores What It Takes To Be an Entrepreneur

Brainstorming ideas for creating a social business

Innovation: To boldly go where no start-up has gone before | The Economist

Startup, VC, and the Things I Learnt from Open-sourcing A 200+ Hour Client Project

Andrew Mason"s Silicon Valley Problem: He"s Not Here | TechCrunch

The Mentor Manifesto | Hi, I'm David G. Cohen

Startup Professionals Musings: The Power of Negative Events in Your Startup


The Start-Up of You -

The Problem With Silicon Valley Is Itself

For Europe"s start-ups, Silicon Valley still calls - MarketWatch

Eric Ries, the Face of the Lean Startup Movement, on How a Once-Insane Idea Went Mainstream | Xconomy

Agile, Lean, Patterns: Abandon Hope all ye who enter Agile

The Mentality Of The Young Entrepreneur

Duolingo: The Next Chapter in Human Computation

The Startup Ecosystem and the "Zuckerberg Effect": Tech News and Analysis «

Are you thinking of moving to Silicon Valley? Think again | Martin Varsavsky | English

Most Creative People | Most Creative People 2011 | Fast Company

Programa Emprendedor de Staples Argentina

Google: It Doesn't Need More Engineers the Hidden Empire

RedUSERS | Los videojuegos: un mercado en crecimiento para jóvenes desarrolladores

A VC: Startup Lessons Learned

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