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Startup and the City: View from the other side of the hiring process

3 Simple Questions That Will Change Your Life

Open Source (Almost) Everything

So You Want to Start a Business

What's your question?
Some fifteen years ago, in the early days of starting up Fast Company magazine, co-founder Alan Webber, shared one of his rules of thumb with me: "a good question beats a good answer."

The Brilliant Way To Negotiate In Three Easy Lessons

Breyer: "It Is The Best Time Over The Past Decade To Be An Entrepreneur"

The Rise of the Angels by Naval Ravikant
Angels, super-angels, micro-cap VCs, and seed incubators are beginning to dominate early-stage consumer web investing. This is a permanent change because the underlying startups themselves have fundamentally changed. Startups also need to adapt to the new ecosystem of investors.

Startup Viagra: How to Pitch a VC

What are the best Argentinian startups out there?

Sean Parker: "Little Startups Are Ridiculously Over-Funded"

The Art Of Failing Right

Disruptions: The 3-D Printing Free-for-All

The seventh disruption: How James Dyson reinvented the personal heater

NGD Studios
NGD Studios is a game development company located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They started as a three group fusion and were the creators of an acclaimed game for a construction kit toy called Mis Ladrillos, which is similar to Lego toys.

Optimizing for Happiness

The Real Reason Italy Sucks at the Startup Game

The China Startup Report

Startup Weekend Buenos Aires


You're a developer, so why do you work for someone else?

Square"s Card Case iOS App Adds Support For Hands-Free Payments, Twitter Integration For Merchants

These Facts About The Chinese Startup Scene Will Blow Your Mind

Bill Gates sobre ser millonario: pasado un tiempo es "la misma hamburguesa"

Think small

Live in Beijing and Thinking about Starting a Tech Company? Read. This. Post. Now.

Manifiesto España Emprende

Convicción: secreto de los innovadores

MIT Startup Bootcamp 2011: Notes and Musings

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