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Ya comenté en dos posts la historia de Dirac trabajando sobre las ideas de Heisenberg, en 1925, y mejorándolas. Ver:

Dirac revisando el trabajo de Heisenberg
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Leo hoy en el capítulo 9, "Sunrise and first view", del excelente "Quantum Mechanics in Simple Matrix Form", de Thomas F. Jordan, un recuerdo del propio Dirac sobre aquel tiempo:

There were many meetings among the students in Cambridge to discuss scientific problems, and among those there was the Kapitza Club. Kapitza ... established a club of physicists... . Wc would meet on Tuesday evenings after dinner... . That was not really a very convenient time for me because I was usually rather sleepy after dinner. I did my work mostly in the morning... and towards the end of the day I was more or less dull, especially after dinner...

Se refiere a Pyotr Kapitsa, físico ruso, luego laureado Nobel al igual que Dirac, que en aquel entonces estaba en Cambridge. Ver Kapitza Club.

In the the summer of 1925, Heisenberg came to Cambridge, and he gave a talk to the Kapitza Club. Towards the end .. he spoke about some new ideas of his. By that time I was just too exhausted to be able to follow what he said, and I just did not take it in. He was talking about the origins of his ideas of the new mechanics. But I completely failed to realize that he was really introducing something quite revolutionary. Later on I completely forgot what he had said concerning his new theory. I even felt rather convinced that he had not spoken about it at all, but other people who were present at this meeting of the Kapitza Club assured me that he had spoken about it... and I just have to accept that he really did speak about it and that I had failed to respond to it at all, and so missed a great opportunity of getting started on it.

Esta historia no la conocía. No sabía que Heisenberg y Dirac se habían encontrado en la misma sala en aquellos tiempos. Tampoco que ya Dirac había tenido contacto con la teoría de Heisenberg, antes de tener su famoso "paper".

It was a little later when I really got started on the new Heisenbcrg theory.... Heisenberg sent [his paper] to Fowler... . Fowler sent it on to me with a query, 'What do you think of this?'... At first I was not very much impressed by it. It seemed to me to be too complicated. I just did not see the main point of it, and in particular his derivation of quantum conditions seemed to me to be too far-fetched, so I just put it aside as being of no interest. However, a week or ten days later I returned to this paper of Heisenberg's and studied it more closely. And then I suddenly realized that it did provide the key to the whole solution...

Este texto Jordan lo toma de P. A. M. Dirac, History of Twentieth Century Phystcs, edited by C. Weinei. Academic Press, New York, 1977, que no sé si es una conferencia de Dirac y otros autores, o todo un "raconto" del propio Dirac.

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