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12 de Octubre, 2014

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Llega el momento del encuentro entre Heisenberg y Schrodinger:

Toward the end of the 1926 summer term, Sommerfeld invited Schrodinger to address the Munich seminar. I had been working in Copenhagen once again and had familiarized myself with Schrodinger's methods by applying them to the study of the helium atom...

Ese trabajo es un "clásico" de Heisenberg.

...I had finished the work while taking a brief holiday on Lake Mjosa in Norway, had stuffed the manuscript into my rucksack and had set out on unmade paths from Gudbrandsdal, across several mountain chains, to Sogne Fjord. After a short stay in Copenhagen, I finally went on to Munich, where I intended to spend the rest of the vacation with my parents -and so I could be present at Schrodinger's lecture, and discuss his theory with him in person. The audience included the director of the Institute for Experimental Physics in the University of Munich, Wilhelm Wien, who was extremely skeptical of Sommerfeld's "atomysticism."..

Tengo entendido que aún más escéptico era Wien de los métodos de Heisenberg.

... Schrodinger first of all explained the mathematical principles of wave mechanics by using the hydrogen atom as an illustration. All of us were delighted to see his elegant and simple solution by conventional methods of a problem that Wolfgang Pauli had been able to solve only with great difficulty using quantum mechanics...

Schrodinger en sus "papers" principales se había dedicado al tema del espectro de hidrógeno. Era un misterio que los átomos tuvieran un espectro definido. La física clásica apuntaba a que el espectro debía ser continuo o al menos arbitrario. La perplejidad de los físicos sería comparable a la de los astrónomos, si éstos encontraran que todos los exoplanetas tuvieran órbitas que caigan solamente en un conjunto de valores predeterminado de eje mayor.

... Unfortunately, Schrodinger went on to discuss his own intepretation of wave mechanics, and his arguments left me quite unconvinced. During the subsequent discussion, I therefore raised a number of objections, and, in particular, pointed out that Schrodinger's conception would not even help explain Planck's radiation law...

Heisenberg había esperado la oportunidad para discutir estos temas.

.. For this I was taken to task by Wilhelm Wien, who told me rather sharply that while he understood my regrets that quantum mechanics was finished, and with it all such nonsense as quantum jumps, etc., the difficulties I had mentioned would undoubtedly be solved by Schrodinger in the very near future.

En otro documento, creo que Heisenberg menciona a Wein (sin nombrarlo) como diciendo: "la teoría de Schrodinger nos va a librar de sus matrices". La aproximación de Schrodinger agradaba a muchos físicos, porque empleaba conceptos de la física clásica, como hamiltonianos y función de onda, y sólo en determinado punto (el cálculo de autovalores) hacía aparición la discontinuidad cuántica.

...Schrodinger himself was not quite so certain in his own reply, but he, too, remained convinced that it was only a question of time before my objections would be removed. My arguments had clearly failed to impress anyone-even Sommerfeld, who felt most kindly toward me, succumbed to the persuasive force of Schrodinger's mathematics.

De hecho, hoy mismo, el método de Schrodinger es más conocido en los textos, que la aproximación matricial de Heisenberg.

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