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19 de Noviembre, 2014

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Six Quantum Pieces (World Scientific)

quantum mechanics - How to get the position operator in the momentum representation from knowing the momentum operator in the position representation? - Physics Stack Exchange

McCabism: What is an elementary particle?

quantum mechanics - How is the physical meaning of an irreducible representation justified? - MathOverflow

Group Theory and Symmetries in Particle Physics

Symmetry and Particle Physics

quantum field theory - Why do we say that irreducible representation of Poincare group represents the one-particle state? - Physics Stack Exchange

Elementary Particles

quantum mechanics - Correspondence between wave function and state vector - Physics Stack Exchange

Vector representation of wavefunction in quantum mechanics? - Physics Stack Exchange

The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Quantum Field Theory

Pascual Jordan, Glory and Demise and his legacy in contemporary local quantum physics

Dirac delta function - YouTube

Eugene Wigner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Self-adjoint operator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

De Broglie–Bohm theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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