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24 de Diciembre, 2014

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Heisenberg sigue en Copenhague, intercambiando ideas con Niels Bohr.

Luckily, at the end of our talks, Bohr and I would generally come to the same conclusions about particular physical experiments, so that there was good reason to think that our divergent efforts might yet lead to the same result. On the other hand, neither of us could tell how so simple a phenomenon as the trajectory of an electron in a cloud chamber could be reconciled with the mathematical formulations of quantum or wave mechanics. Such concepts as trajectories or orbits did not figure in quantum mechanics, and wave mechanics could only be reconciled with the existence of a densely packed beam of matter if the beam spread over areas much larger than the diameter of an electron.

El problema era explicar trayectorias de partículas en la cámara de niebla. ¿Cómo reconciliar su existencia con el formulismo cuántico?

Since our talks often continued till long after midnight, and did not produce a satisfactory conclusion despite protracted efforts over several months, both of us became utterly exhausted and rather tense. Hence Bohr decided in February 1927 to go skiing in Norway, and I was quite glad to be left behind in Copenhagen, where I could think about these hopelessly complicated problems undisturbed. I now concentrated all my efforts on the mathematical representation of the electron path in the cloud chamber, and when I realized fairly soon that the obstacles before me were quite insurmountable, I began to wonder whether we might not have been asking the wrong sort of question all along. But where had we gone wrong? The path of the electron through the cloud chamber obviously existed; one could easily observe it. The mathematical framework of quantum mechanics existed as well, and was much too convincing to allow for any changes. Hence it ought to be possible to establish a connection between the two, hard though it appeared to be.

Veremos en el próximo post a qué conclusiones llega Heisenberg (vean que pasaron poco menos de dos años desde su famoso "paper" hasta estas conclusiones). De nuevo Heisenberg necesitó estar tranquilo y solo para avanzar.

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