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15 de Agosto, 2015

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Publico hoy el comienzo del discurso de Dirac, donde recuerda afectuosamente a Oppenheimer. Primero, una foto del joven Oppenheimer:

Ahora, el discurso de Dirac:

I am very grateful to be chosen to be the first recipient of the Oppenheimer Award. I am grateful to the University of Miami for honoring me in this way. I am grateful to Dr. Kursunoglu for the very kind things that he has said about me. I shall perhaps be able to explain to some extent what underlies what he has been saying.

I am especially happy to be awarded the Oppenheimr Prize because I was a great friend and admirer of Oppenheimer. I knew him for more than forty years. There was a time when we were young students together at Gottingen...

Ah, no sabía que se habían conocido en Gotinga.

... We both stayed in the same pension. We both had the same interests, going to the same lectures and we found that we also had interests outside the lectures. We both likes to go for long walks an doccasionally took a day-long walk across country togehter.

Son conocidas las largas caminatas de domingo de Dirac cuando estaba en Cambridge. También son conocidas por su soledad: le gustaba caminar solo. El que compartiera caminatas con Oppenheimer habla de la buena relación que tuvieron.

Since these early days, I have met Oppenheimer on many occasions and I have been able to see what admirable qualities he had, particularly as a chairman for a discussion or a colloquium. He had a very quick mind which enabled him to pick on the main point at issue and if there was something which the lecturer couldn't explain very well, or if some member of the audience was asking a question which he could not formulate very clearly, Oppenheimer would frequently jump into the breach and explain in lucid language just what was needed in order to bring the point clearly home to everybody and enable the discussion to proceed on clarified lines.  It is a great loss to science and to us all that he died so young and I especially feel his loss because of the great personal friendship I had for him.

En el próximo post, comienza el comentario de Dirac sobre su propio trabajo.

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