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29 de Septiembre, 2015

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The Dirac Equation

The Dirac equation

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The work of Argentinean physicist and philosopher Mario Bunge as an exemplary life for the fruitful integration of philosophy and the sciences

Science and exile: David Bohm, the hot times of the Cold War, and his struggle for a new interpretation of quantum mechanics

Paul Dirac: One of the greatest British minds of the 20th century - Telegraph

symmetry breaking » Blog Archive » Nicola Cabibbo: 1935–2010

Quantum Physics: Paul Dirac: Explaining Positrons (antimatter) of Quantum Physics. Paul Dirac Biography

Nicola Cabibbo: 1935–2010 -

Nicola Cabibbo - Wikiquote

Gerard ′t Hooft

Otto Stern y el rigor científico

A Visual History of Science, from the Pages of Scientific American [Slide Show]: Scientific American Slideshows

Immanuel Kant: Universal Natural History and Theory of the Heavens

Inventor de la corriente alterna - Diario EL PAIS - Montevideo - Uruguay

The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Argument in Quantum Theory (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

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