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19 de Diciembre, 2015

Publicado el 19 de Diciembre, 2015, 17:12

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Esta vez, con varios artículos sobre el uso de "machine learning" y "big data", a veces combinados.

Machine Learning to predict low risk loans by BigML

How Machine Learning & Data Analytics Are Revolutionizing Credit & Risk | Money20/20

Prediction of consumer credit risk,%20Enguerrand%20Horel,%20Flora%20Tixier,%20Prediction%20of%20consumer%20credit%20risk.pdf

Machine Learning to predict low risk loans by BigML - POUL PETERSEN at Big Data Spain 2014 - YouTube

Peer Lending Risk Predictor,Sivagami%20Ramiah,Sudhanshu%20Singh,Peer%20Lending%20Risk%20Predictor.pdf

Credit Risk Assessment Using Statistical and Machine Learning: Basic Methodology and Risk Modeling Applications. - ResearchGate

Consumer Credit-Risk Models Via Machine-Learning Algorithms

Applying Machine Learning to Peer to Peer lending -

What machine learning models are typically used for credit risk?

Random Forest of "Give Me Some Credit" Survey Results | no free hunch

Big Data + Machine Learning = Scared banks

Using Dataset Transformations and Machine Learning to Assess Loan Risk | The Official Blog of

Credit Risk Modeling – A Machine Learning Approach


Asia-Pacific financial technology investments seen quadrupling this year | South China Morning Post
fintech asia

EX-Citi CEO Pandit invests in TransferWise -
fintech startup entrepreneur

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