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24 de Marzo, 2016

Publicado el 24 de Marzo, 2016, 15:32

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Tantos temas para ver. Ahora en estas semanas, estoy aprendiendo sobre "smart contracts".

'Smart Contracts' Are the Future of Blockchain | Bank Think

Bitcoin Living, Bitcoin Price Jump, Investments |

This Man Has Been Living On Bitcoin For 3 Years - Forbes

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The Australian FinTech Ecosystem"s Growth is Breathtaking

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As global markets flounder, Bitcoin rockets up 6%

Women in Banking: Fintech Funding and the Rise of Female Regulators | Bank Think

Shai Goldman on Twitter: "digital wallet landscape in the US #fintech #nfc #qr"

Will Provenance Be the Blockchain's Break Out Use Case in 2016? - CoinDesk

Fintech Growth Poised to Disrupt Banking Industry

The 14 companies that illustrate Australia's fintech future |

How Fintech Startups Are Helping The Financial Services Sector

Blockchain – A New Economic Model | Dataconomy

3 Lessons From The Graveyard of FinTech Start-ups | Dataconomy

Six Payments Trends That Will Define 2016 |

Battle for bitcoin dominance becomes East vs. West matchup

Fintech Startups Face Difficult Market Ahead

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