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25 de Julio, 2016

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La divulgación científica siempre tiene algo de problema: cómo transmitir algún descubrimiento científico, sin perder algo en el camino. Algo que siempre recuerdo de este libro, es como Weinberg describe a que lector está orientado el libro:

I had better say for what reader this book is intended. I have written for one who is willing to puzzle through some detailed arguments, but who is not at home in either mathematics or physics. Although I must introduce some fairly complicated scientific ideas, no mathematics is used in the body of the
book beyond arithmetic, and little or no knowledge of physics or astronomy is assumed in advance. I have tried to be careful to define scientific terms when they are first used, and in  addition I have supplied a glossary of physical and astronomical terms ..... Wherever possible, I have also written numbers like "a hundred thousand million" in English, rather than use the more convenient scientific notation: 1011.

Weinberg siempre plantea un argumento para explicar algo:

However, this does not mean that I have tried to write an easy book. When a lawyer writes for the general public, he assumes that they do not know Law French or the Rule Against Perpetuities, but he does not think the worse of them for it, and he does not condescend to them. I want to return the compliment: I picture the reader as a smart old attorney who does not speak my language, but who expects nonetheless to hear some convincing arguments before he makes up his mind.

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