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3 de Agosto, 2016

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Los otros días compartí un texto de Arnold Sommerfeld. Hoy leo en la introducción a su "Mechanics lectures on theoretical physics", un agradecimiento a quienes lo formaron:

Looking back on my years of teaching I wish to acknowledge with  gratitude my special indebtedness to two men, Röntgen and Felix Klein. Röntgen not only created the external conditions for my professional activity by calling me to a privileged sphere of action; he also stood by my side and  actively furthered the increasing scope of my work over a period of many years. Even earlier Felix Klein had imparted to my mathematical thinking that turn of mind which is best adapted to applications; through his mastery in the art of lecturing he exerted a strong indirect influence on my own teaching. In particular let me mention that the last part of this course was announced for the first time while I was still instructor in Gottingen and imbued with the mathematical tradition of that university symbolized in the three names Riemann—Dirichlet—Klein. At that time my course was less comprehensive than the present volume  but it found much resonance in the audience. When the course was repeated in later years my students often told me that only here had they really grasped the handling and application of mathematical residts, e.g., Fourier methods, applications of the theory of functions, boundary value problems.

No sabía que había conocido a Röntgen. Ya había comentado en un post su relación con Felix Klein, y su influencia en Schrödinger. Veo que uno influyó en la actividad de físico de Sommerfeld, mientras que el otro hechó su influencia en el modo matemático de encarar y resolver problemas. Es interesante ver como la ciencia es una actividad humana que en los últimos siglos se ha ido desarrollando con estas conexiones a lo largo del tiempo.

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