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26 de Agosto, 2016

Publicado el 26 de Agosto, 2016, 6:16

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Payments (R)evolution - Special Edition 2016 - - - Switzerland Becomes a Leading Centre of FinTech Innovation

Ethereum Emerges, Bitcoin vs. "Bankchains" :: Blockchain Letter, March 2016 — Medium

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Poincenot invierte en la creación de tres empresas FinTech en Argentina | Inversor Latam

This AI tells you where to invest your money by analyzing the Internet

Mircea Mihaescu (@MirceaMihaescu) | Twitter


Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 – Building a better future for finance through FinTech

Why Tennis Star Andy Murray Is Betting On Fintech And Ice Cream - Forbes

The best free research papers on fintech and blockchain | BankNXT

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