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19 de Enero, 2017

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Encontré datos adicionales sobre la historia de la aparición de la "segunda cuantización". Leo:

In the midst of their efforts to cobble together a new quantum mechanics to treat the physics of atoms during the mid-1920s, several theorists—Werner Heisenberg, Pascual Jordan, Wolfgang Pauli, Paul Dirac, and others—began trying to quantize Maxwell"s electromagnetic field as well. Jordan began the process in the midst of his work on Heisenberg"s matrix mechanics, composing a long and difficult section of the famed Dreim¨annerarbeit, or "three-man paper" by Heisenberg, Jordan, and Max Born of 1926, on suggestive ways to quantize vibrating strings (seen as a first step toward treating waves and fields). The following year, Paul Dirac demonstrated that the electromagnetic field"s infinite number of degrees of freedom could be decomposed as a sum over quasi-particulate oscillators, each corresponding to a specific frequency or energy—a representation, soon dubbed "second quantization," that Jordan quickly extended tomatter fields aswell.By 1927, Jordan had become convinced that all physical quantities—everything from the electrons and protons of ordinary matter to the electromagnetic fields that bound them together into atoms—arose ultimately from quantum fields. Although resisting some of Jordan"s maneuvers at first, other theorists, including Heisenberg and Pauli, soon came to share Jordan"s view.

Lo encuentro en el libro de David Kaiser, Drawing theories apart, the dispersion of Feynman Diagrams in Postwar Physics, que trata sobre cómo los diagramas de Feynman se fueron popularizando luego de la segunda guerra mundial. Menciona en una nota, estas fuentes:

Dirac, "Quantum theory of radiation" (1959 [1927]); Born, Heisenberg, and Jordan, "Quantenmechanik" (1926); Jordan, "Quantenmechanik des Gasentartung" (1927); Heisenberg and Pauli, "Quantenelektrodynamik" (1929–30); Darrigol, "Origin of quantized matter waves" (1986); Pais, Inward Bound (1986), 334–40; Schweber,QED(1994), 23–56; andMiller, "Frame-setting essay" (1994), 18–28.

El "paper" de Dirac se puede encontrar en:

El "paper" de los "tres autores" lo tengo en el libro de van der Waerden, Sources of Quantum Mechanics, pero no sé si completo. Y es muy interesante la descripción del trabajo de Dirac que hace el libro de País, Inward bound.

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