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Publicado el 23 de Enero, 2017, 12:44

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Veamos como llega Jordan a conocer a Born:

Jordan entered the Technische Hochschule of the University of Hannover in 1921 intending to study physics. He had by that time learned some special and general relativity from Moritz Schlick"s Raum und Zeit in der gegenwärtigen Physik, had mastered electromagnetic theory, and had carefully studied Sommerfeld's Atombau und Spektrallinien. Jordan found that physics was not taught well at the Technische Hochschule and he transferred to Göttingen in 1922. However, he had made good use of his year at the Hochschule taking courses in mathematics, electrical engineering, and physical chemistry. In Göttingen he attended Courant"s course on mathematical methods for physicists and became the official note taker for the course. For a while he toyed with the idea of becoming a mathematician. But he came into Bom"s orbit, and under his influence and with his guidance became more and more committed to physics. When Born died, Jordan, in a brief eulogy for him, wrote: "He was not only my teacher who in my student days introduced me to the wide world of physics—his lectures were a wonderful combination of intellectual clarity and horizon widening overview. But he was also, I want to assert, the person who next to my parents, exerted the deepest, longest lasting influence on my life"....

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