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Veamos como Jordan va apareciendo en escena, a partir de 1922:

The Bohr Festspiel of June 1922 gave Jordan a taste of the drama of physics. Heisenberg, Fermi, Pauli, and Hund were also in Göttingen at the time. Fermi was evidently left out of the Göttingen intellectual community (Segre 1970, p.32) but Jordan got to know the other three well, particularly Heisenberg and Pauli, and came to appreciate the company of these brilliant young men. But he was overshadowed by their brash and confident ways. Jordan was rather short, and his presentation of self reflected his physical stature. He gave the impression of being insecure, an impression that was reinforced by his stuttering (he in fact suffered a breakdown in the early 1930s).

Although Jordan did not enjoy his courses in experimental physics—he actually stopped attending them—he found the laboratory course in zoology in which he had enrolled very satisfying; he also faithfully attended Alfred Kuhn"s lectures on heredity. In fact, he chose zoology as one of the minor subjects for his doctorate. Most of his energies, however, were spent on theoretical physics and mathematics. He helped Courant in the preparation of the book he was then writing with Hilbert, the famous Mathematische Methoden der Physik (Jordan 1963, p. 12). He also assisted Born with an article on crystal dynamics and became quite close to him.

El "festspiel" de Bohr fue el primer encuentro de Heisenberg y Bohr, y al parecer de Pauli con Bohr también. No sabía que había acudido Fermi también. Vean que Jordan era tartamudo, lo que influyó en su relación con los demás. No sabía que había ayudado en el famoso libro de Hilbert y Courant.

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