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Publicado el 24 de Febrero, 2017, 7:10

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2017 Blockchain Predictions

How Savvy Marketing Can Burst the 'Blockchain Bubble'

Blockchain in Finance: From Buzzword to Watchword in 2016

BNP Paribas Clients Conduct 'Live' Blockchain Payments

Towards a Clearer Understanding of Blockchain's True Value

2017: The Year Regulators Engage with Blockchain

Overstock Just Closed its First Day of Blockchain Stock Trading - CoinDesk

Ethereum Classic Price Surges By Over 30% - CoinDesk

Wyre Raises $5.8 Million for Cross-Border Blockchain Payments - CoinDesk

Can Smart Contracts Be Legally Binding? | Elaine's Idle Mind

Blockchain: Más allá del bitcoin | José Juan Mora | TEDxSevilla - YouTube

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