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14 de Mayo, 2019

Publicado el 14 de Mayo, 2019, 15:24

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How Feynman Diagrams Revolutionized Physics

Has AMS-02 Observed Two-Component Dark Matter?

How Nearby Stellar Explosions Could Have Killed Off Large Animals

Fine-structure constant

Quantum Machine Appears to Defy Universe"s Push for Disorder

Sobre el supuesto electrón que viajó al pasado

The 'Oumuamua Mystery May Not Be So Mysterious After All

LHCb discovers matter-antimatter asymmetry in charm quarks

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Por ajlopez, en: Ciencia

Publicado el 14 de Mayo, 2019, 15:07

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Paradojas: contando peces, pesando patatas y… detectando agujeros

Visual proof of the addition trigonometric formulas

The Pizza Theorem

The ambidextrous moving sofa problem

Virahanka numbers


Peter Shor

Karen Uhlenbeck Is First Woman to Win Abel Prize for Mathematics

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Angel "Java" Lopez