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Octubre del 2019

Publicado el 31 de Octubre, 2019, 18:36

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Demostración sin palabras de la fórmula para calcular el área de un círculo

R.W. Floyd, L. Steinberg, An adaptive algorithm for spatial grey scale, 1976

Harmonic Numbers

This is a really juicy result on random permutations

Random Surfaces Hide an Intricate Order

The significance and acceptance of Helfgott"s proof of the weak Goldbach Conjecture

Notas de Análisis Real

Gray Code

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 27 de Octubre, 2019, 8:04

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Reverse Mode Differentiation is Kind of Like a Lens II


Eigenvalues of the Laplace Operator in Certain Manifolds

It"s possible to build a Turing machine within Magic: The Gathering

Using food to make maths more digestible

The Universe Speaks in Numbers – Interview 12: Robbert Dijkgraaf

The Heidelberg Laureate Forum Foundation presents the HLF Portraits: Karen Keskulla Uhlenbeck

POCS, Dykstra and DR often succeed in finding points in the intersection of possibly non-convex sets

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 26 de Octubre, 2019, 14:05

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Circunferencias concéntricas y polígonos regulares inscriptos

In certain situations integration comes down to taking infinitely many derivatives and summing

Euler showed that this was the only solution

Mathematicians Begin to Tame Wild "Sunflower" Problem

La paradoja de Galton

Newton"s minimal resistance problem

Where Proof, Evidence and Imagination Intersect

A 53-Year-Old Network Coloring Conjecture Is Disproved

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 20 de Octubre, 2019, 11:21

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Why the Proof of Fermat"s Last Theorem Doesn"t Need to Be Enhanced

Whoever told you 13 was unlucky was lying to you..

Fractional Laplacians on the sphere, the Minakshisundaram zeta function and semigroups

Mathematicians on Twitter

Why the World"s Best Mathematicians Are Hoarding Chalk

Overlooked No More: Alan Turing, Condemned Code Breaker and Computer Visionary

Public interview with Karen Uhlenbeck and Ionica Smeets at Det Norske Teatret

A Mathematician Whose Only Constant Is Change
Amie Wilkinson searches for exotic examples of the mathematical structures that describe change

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 19 de Octubre, 2019, 15:01

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Undecidability of the Spectral Gap

Cables, Trains and Types

Mathematicians discover the perfect way to multiply

This is not a typo

Searching for singularities in the Navier–Stokes equations

Untouchable numbers

How does the blue area compare to the yellow area?

This equality holds for *all* real numbers N,M

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 15 de Octubre, 2019, 17:08

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How to almost win the physics Nobel

Nine Nobel Prize Predictions for 2019

Nobel physicists on the move

Nobel laureates are almost the same as us

Por primera vez, detectan agua en la atmósfera de una supertierra "potencialmente habitable"

Math Reveals the Secrets of Cells" Feedback Circuitry

Google claims to have reached quantum supremacy

Google Claims 'Quantum Supremacy' with 53-Qubits,40452.html

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Por ajlopez, en: Ciencia

Publicado el 14 de Octubre, 2019, 14:42

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Mathematicians edge closer to solving 'million dollar' math problem

Descubierta una nueva propiedad de los números primos gracias a The Big Bang Theory

Beautiful relation between π and the Fibonacci sequence

Peano arithmetic and murky abyss

Point estimators

Outline of Algebraic Structures

El teorema de Morley

Spectral Methods in the Presence of Discontinuities

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 13 de Octubre, 2019, 11:12

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Comment on D. Bernoulli (1738)

Fractional Calculus

G2 smallest exceptional Lie group

Fracción continua o cual es la mejor aproximación

What happens if we drop the axiom of infinity?

Rubik's Cube inventor Erno Rubik breaks down the math behind the iconic toy

Algebraic Numbers

A mathematician explores the cat-and-mouse problem

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 12 de Octubre, 2019, 10:12

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Awesome Applied Category Theory

Erróneo rotundamente

The Cantor set

With Category Theory, Mathematics Escapes From Equality

Higher Algebra

Alexander Grothendieck (1928–2014)

A survey of (\infty, 1)-categories

Fun Integral

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 9 de Octubre, 2019, 11:48

Se acerca el fin de año. Revisión de las resoluciones del mes pasado:

- Escribir sobre Matemáticas [parcial] ver repo
- Escribir sobre Física [pendiente]
- Escribir sobre Historia de las Matemáticas [pendiente]
- Escribir sobre Historia de la Ciencia [pendiente]
- Estudiar blues en guitarra [completo]
- Estudiar dibujo/pintura [completo] evidencia

Resoluciones del nuevo mes:

- Escribir sobre Matemáticas
- Escribir sobre Física
- Escribir sobre Historia de las Matemáticas
- Escribir sobre Historia de la Ciencia
- Estudiar blues en guitarra
- Estudiar dibujo/pintura

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 6 de Octubre, 2019, 11:02

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What is Applied Category Theory?

Time for another story

Want to Find the Best Parking Spot? Do the Math

What is an Adjunction? Part 3 (Examples)

A formal proof of the independence of the continuum hypothesis

How to factor 2048 bit RSA integers in 8 hours using 20 million noisy qubits

The Two Cultures of Mathematics

La circunferencia de Conway

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Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 5 de Octubre, 2019, 11:46

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Solution: "The Bulldogs That Bulldogs Fight"

On studying mathematics

Combining this idea (optics=combs) with this other idea (ML tasks=combs)

Smoothing splines

String Diagrams for Assembly Planning

Non-standard Models of Arithmetic 7

How Geometry, Data and Neighbors Predict Your Favorite Movies

La sorprendende criba de la parábola

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Angel "Java" Lopez