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Publicado el 4 de Abril, 2021, 17:25

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5 facts about women who shaped modern physics

Quantum Cube

How Crowdsourcing is Making Science Smarter

Quantum Contextuality

Is String Phenomenology an Oxymoron?

Quantum Theory From Five Reasonable Axioms

Libros que nos inspiran: 'Historia del mundo en 30 ecuaciones' de David Perezagua y Guillermo F. Peñas

Quantum Mischief Rewrites the Laws of Cause and Effect

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 3 de Abril, 2021, 17:06

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Vincenzo Galilei

Scientists Have Confirmed a New DNA Structure Inside Human Cells

Constraints on the maximum mass of neutron stars with a quark core from GW170817 and NICER PSR J0030+0451 data

The Dream Of String Theory Is An Unlikely Broken Box

Deborah García Bello, sobre la mascarilla obligatoria en la playa: "Si puedes mantener la distancia, no tiene sentido"

Test of lepton universality in beauty-quark decays

LHCb observa una anomalía en la universalidad leptónica con 3.1 sigmas

Evidence of brand new physics at Cern? Why we"re cautiously optimistic about our new findings

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Publicado el 2 de Abril, 2021, 13:31

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A glimpse of infinity.  Radicals within radicals, forever.... 42

Infinitas Incógnitas

Egyptian Fractions

Mathematicians Find a New Class of Digitally Delicate Primes

Traversal Optics and Polynomial Functors

Srinivasa Ramanujan: The Mathematician & His Legacy

Pioneers Linking Math and Computer Science Win the Abel Prize

I'm publishing traversal optics as a series of blog posts

Angel "Java" Lopez

Publicado el 1 de Abril, 2021, 15:38

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A Computer Scientist Who Tackles Inequality Through Algorithms

The 'mitochondrial event' on Earth

Cells Form Into "Xenobots" on Their Own

Living robots made from frog skin cells can sense their environment

Some Black Holes Are Impossible In Our Universe

Periodic Table

Long-Missing Midsize Black Hole Flashes Into View

Cook"s Illustrated Explains: Sodium Citrate

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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