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Can The Peer Economy Deliver Profits? : All Tech Considered : NPR

The Art of Evangelism | LinkedIn

Rocket Man: The otherworldly ambitions of Elon Musk - San Jose Mercury News

Academia BA Emprende | Buenos Aires Ciudad - Gobierno de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Silicon Valley: “The Cap Table” · TV Club · The A.V. Club

Square Hires Amazon Executive Alyssa Henry as Engineering Lead

Alexander Torrenegra: Why We Stopped Pretending We Could Copy Silicon Valley - The Accelerators - WSJ

Charla de Finanzas e Inversiones de Impacto | Ashoka Argentina

What We Learnt From A Failed MVP – Arvi's Blog

Scott S Barlow | 100 Awesome Business Ideas For 2014

7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life |Higher Perspective

Mingleton Is Tinder For Strangers In The Room With You | TechCrunch

Starting a Business

How We Research: A Look Inside the Buffer Blog Process

ESADE Business School Commencement Speech | Steve Blank

The Games Startups Play | Anything's Possible

The SaaS Manifesto | Andreessen Horowitz

Never Been Easier to Become a VC. Never Been Harder to Stay One. | Hunter Walk

Building an Enterprise Sales Team

Kickstarter Stats — Kickstarter

DandyLoop™ – Recommend and be Recommended

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Productivity | Fast Company | Business Innovation

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Richard Branson: 5 lessons from my mum -

UserVibes - Home

LearnBoost Pivots Out of Edtech | EdSurge News

Automattic Acquires LearnBoost Team | EdSurge News

Hangout - Mujeres Líderes emprendedoras - YouTube

Oculus is the first billion-dollar company to emerge from Kickstarter - Quartz

Inside Sequoia Capital: Silicon Valley's Innovation Factory - Forbes

Vaavud Raises $375K To Tame The Wind With Your Smartphone | TechCrunch

Is npm worth $2.6MM?

Why There Will Never Be Another RedHat: The Economics Of Open Source | TechCrunch

"There"s just a tremendous amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product" | chris dixon's blog

Why a Massive Amount of Venture Capital Is Flowing to the Internet of Things |

loglr - users

Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship | INNOVATION HOUSE SILICON VALLEY

Classic TED: Richard Branson on how to run a business -

Ask GH: How important is it to learn how to code? - GrowthHackers

A slight piece of my entrepreneur story

Colin Steele's Blog, 60,000% growth in 7 months using Clojure and AWS

The Best PR Advice You"ve Never Heard - from Facebook"s Head of Tech Communications

David Maynard's Unsentimental Advice for Your Startup ? Co.Labs ? code community

The Finnish Advantage- How Finland Attracts More VC Money Than Germany | The Nordic Web

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HSBC launches fintech innovation lab in Singapore, News, News, AsiaOne Business News

Stone & Chalk

Neu Capital

Automated Investment Forecasting - Home


VentureCrowd Startups

Calibre Financial Technology

FinTech Thinks That’s A Cute Little Wall Street Job You’ve Got There | Dealbreaker

Miami: Fintech Americas Conference Puts Focus On Latin American Market - NBC News

9 Reasons Why Now Is The Time For Fintech - Forbes

Will Fintech Upstarts Do To Banks What Uber Has Done To Taxis -- Or Will Banks Win? - Forbes

Applications of Machine Learning in FinTech | Let's Talk Payments

15 Players that Use Machine Learning in FinTech Space | Let's Talk Payments

(4) How is machine learning used in FinTech? - Quora

Banks Are Right To Be Afraid of the FinTech Boom | TIME

Fintech Innovation Lab

Mis-selling fears hamper funds' fintech revolution | Reuters

FinTech Impact on Consumer Behavior – Mobile Payments | Inside Bitcoins | Bitcoin news | Price | Bitcoin Conferences

Stocktoberfest Moves Fintech Guru Howard Lindzon to Center Stage | Xconomy

Bond Street | Simple, transparent, fair business financing

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Publicado el 12 de Noviembre, 2015, 6:50

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(4) How is machine learning used in FinTech? - Quora

Banks Are Right To Be Afraid of the FinTech Boom | TIME

Fintech Innovation Lab

Mis-selling fears hamper funds' fintech revolution | Reuters

FinTech Impact on Consumer Behavior – Mobile Payments | Inside Bitcoins | Bitcoin news | Price | Bitcoin Conferences

Stocktoberfest Moves Fintech Guru Howard Lindzon to Center Stage | Xconomy

Bond Street | Simple, transparent, fair business financing

Why Fintech Is One of the Most Promising Industries of 2015 |

Kreditech Nabs $92M To Build Financial Services For The "Underbanked" | TechCrunch

Pricing Options with Mathematical Models | edX

(Traditional) Online versus Digital Banking - FinTech Forum

Birdly - A Slack bot for Expense Management

Chat Banking: The Path to Ubiquitous Mobile Banking — The Neobanker — Medium

indx guru

How Nairobi Is Earning Its Nickname as the Developing World's 'Silicon Savannah' |

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Publicado el 6 de Noviembre, 2015, 7:16

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Xinch | Manage your company"s online expenses from one place


Yahoo! Finance RSS Feeds - YDN

MQL4: automated forex trading, strategy tester and custom indicators with MetaTrader

Importance of Quantitative Modelling |

Quantitative analyst - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Miguel Angel Boggiano | LinkedIn


Welcome to 'the biggest change in banking for 400 years'

Monk - Smart Borrowing Comes With Responsible Saving

The 50 Best Fintech Innovators of 2014

These 2 simple slides show just how hot FinTech is right now - Business Insider

Wharton FinTech

FinTech Hackathon

Downloading Stock Quotes with Stocks Tracker API - CodeProject

Top 100 Companies - FinTech Forward - American Banker

Fintech Innovation Lab

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Publicado el 27 de Octubre, 2015, 6:42

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En este año, ha entrado fuerte en mi radar el tema FinTech: negocios de servicios financieros basados en tecnología. Han aparecido muchas "startups" que tratan de cambiar el mercado con aplicaciones de software y nuevos modelos de negocios. También aparece en muchas de estas ideas y ejecuciones, los temas de "big data", y "machine learning", para automatizar parte del proceso. Hoy presento mi primer lista de recursos que estuve visitando. En otro momento escribiré sobre el tema.

The fintech revolution | The Economist

Homepage | FinTech Sandbox

15 Fintech Startups To Watch In 2015 - Forbes

'Welcome to the new sharewise'

Financial software design is being transformed by fintech

Una app financiera y un Starbucks, el plan del Banco Industrial para crecer

BBVA Press Room - Francisco González "The future of banking is decided in places like this one"

Myth: Eric Brewer on Why Banks are BASE Not ACID - Availability Is Revenue

Bill Gates: Can Mobile Banking Revolutionize The Lives Of The Poor? | FinTech Ranking

Why London's Fintech Startup Scene Is Growing Fast | American Banker

Adelantos Personales Online | Moni


Banks' Real Fight with Fintech: Who Owns the Customer? | American Banker

So You Want To Build A Full Stack Startup In Fintech? | TechCrunch

Next Bank

Technisys - Home

Fintech 2.0 Is Just Around The Corner: Santander
iot finance technology startup entrepreneur fintech

UCL Discovery - Machine learning for financial market prediction

Alipay Is Starting to Look Like the Future of Chinese Banking | MIT Technology Review

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Publicado el 21 de Octubre, 2015, 8:01

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Welcome To Ventrifuge

cezary pietrzak · WhatsApp and the fallacy of zero marketing

Zebrello Beta | news about your favorite topics

(363) Rohan Jain's answer to Product Evangelism: How do you convert your users into evangelists? - Quora

Facebook and Tesla Are Winning Wall Street Because They Make the Biggest Bets | Wired Business |

One Billion Dollars

Do accelerators help startups? Here’s what we found | VentureBeat | Entrepreneur | by Shalin Sheth, Second Century Ventures

Paul Buchheit: Help me distribute $100,000 to new entrepreneurs in Africa

Kickstarter Is About To Crowdfund Its $1 Billionth Dollar | TechCrunch

Our Dangerous Obsession With The MVP | TechCrunch

Finish, The Anti-Procrastination App, Goes Freemium | TechCrunch

KanbanBase (Kanban Basecamp)

Cloud Unicorn

Y Combinator's new startup teaches disadvantaged kids to code | It training - InfoWorld

Should you TDD on a Lean Startup? — Tech Talk — Medium

The new reality of venture capital | Founder Equity Fund

CrowdPlat | Platform to Crowdsource Application Development


Team Page - Simple Manageable Team Pages for Your Website

Meet Oren Zeev, Silicon Valley’s Builder-Investor | TechCrunch

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Gillmor Gang: WhatsApp, Doc | TechCrunch

IdeaSparked - Simple Idea Management & Discovery

Hulimail | Immediately engage with influencers who sign up for your mailing list

Muber | Your shopping list delivered, personally.

Mattermark - Quantifying Private Company Growth for Startup Investors

Sam Altman Taking Over As President Of Y Combinator, Replacing Paul Graham At The Helm | TechCrunch

El "sueño americano" de Jan Koum: de una casa sin luz en Kiev a vender WhatsApp por 19.000 millones : Marketing Directo

The Wisdom Of The 20-Minute Startup ? Co.Labs ? code community

Why The Secret To Getting Rich And Changing The World Is To Have A Stupid Idea | Business Insider

Feedsme - your realtime business feed

Raas - Beta List

Adbience: Creating Synergy Between Businesses

Un recorrido por las Silicon Valley de todo el mundo -

4residents beheer

EDGY Conversations

The npm Blog — Funding

The Definitive Guide to Growth Hacking

Educabilia, una comunidad para aprender y enseñar ‹ Red Innova

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship | Inc. 5000

Latam.VC | Cuanto tiempo me toma arrancar un startup? 10 mil horas (para empezar)

Esteban Brenman: "La clave esta con quien compartís tus momentos"Cafe Emprendedor


What is a growth hacker? | Aaron Ginn's Thoughts

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 10 de Septiembre, 2015, 7:32

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Growth hacking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Latam.VC | LatAm Startups VC

wayraCall 2014

¿Es un espacio coworking el lugar ideal para tu empresa? | Eureka-Startups

How Startup Funding Works - AlleyWatch

Una tardecita de networking rendidora con los principales fondos de capital | Noticias Uruguay y el Mundo actualizadas - Diario EL PAIS Uruguay

New shiny thing | Successful Software

The One Thing You Should Do After Meeting Anyone New - Forbes

Cómo saber si tu idea de negocio va a funcionar | Eureka-Startups

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Selling Anything | TechCrunch

Lean Startup for Agile Product Management

Algunos documentales sobre emprendedores que no puedes perderte

What's 1 thing you've done to be a more effective leader? | SmartBlogs SmartBlogs

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio - YouTube,33026

7 Lean Startup Lessons for Every Entrepreneur — CoFoundersLab Blog

Don't Build an MVP, First Build a CAP (Cofounder Attracting Product),33026

Female Founders

RutaN - Home

Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births -

El cofundador de Sun compró la startup argentina ComentaTV -

We've Open-Sourced Everything - CodeCombat Blog

Mapaprop Software de gestión Inmobiliaria Gratuito y en la Nube

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Publicado el 26 de Agosto, 2015, 7:10

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The Funding Guru: Helping entrepreneurs with angel investors, venture capitalist and funding

Carpooling: ecología y ahorro | Wayra Argentina

Ellas² – [Infografía] Sólo el 30% de las mujeres emprenden con un objetivo global

Los 4 mejores libros para emprendedores, según Forbes

Apple Acquires Rapid-Fire Camera App Developer SnappyLabs | TechCrunch

La brillantez del fracaso, en palabras de un emprendedor multimillonario hecho a sí mismo | Eureka-Startups

Marc Andreessen Just Suggested That Snapchat Could Become A $100 Billion Company - Business Insider

Why Facebook Was Willing To Pay $3 Billion For Snapchat - Business Insider

Extreme Bootstrapping: Live With Your Start-up Team? |

The Opinionated! Essay - Number 1 - The Startup Valley of Death

Why Mark Zuckerberg Gets Away With Hoodies : The New Yorker

(349) What is the startup and technology company scene like in Argentina? - Quora

A VC: The Purity Of Angel Investing

The Gentle Art of Running a Lean Startup

Meet the 2013 enterprise superstars | VentureBeat | Enterprise | by Christina Farr

7 Customer Development Tips for Entrepreneurs : Under30CEO

8 cosas que la gente realmente exitosa hace | Eureka-Startups

8 Things Really Successful People Do |

ImpacTec 2014: ganate una beca total a Singularity! - Santiago Bilinkis

Building Startup Communities to Last - Feld Thoughts

Emprendedores de Alto Impacto | 10 trampas a evitar a la hora de emprender

Shark Tank's Daymond John on Lessons From His Worst Mistakes - YouTube

Lino"s Lesson – What's Next - Blogs

Crea tu Tienda Online con Tienda Nube | Cómo Vender en Internet Fácil

Entrepreneur Books for Your 2013 Holiday Wish List | Openview Labs


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Publicado el 30 de Julio, 2015, 8:03

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Lemon Wallet, la app de Wenceslao Casares, fue adquirida por LifeLock por US$ 50 millones | Negocios | Infotechnology

Como (evitar) ser programador y llevar adelante un negocio | BRYANTAFEL.NERD

Desafios Mobile Introduccion | BRYANTAFEL.NERD

Desafios Mobile generales | BRYANTAFEL.NERD

Desafios Mobile Tecnicos | BRYANTAFEL.NERD

KidoZen Finds Right Fit With Enterprise Backend That Connects To Developer Platforms | TechCrunch


Leandro Boffi » Blog Archive » Kidozen Raises 5 Million in Series A Funding - image uploaded by @NXTPLabs

10 Extreme Bootstrapping Ideas |

The 5×5 Trick To Make Life Better Altucher Confidential

The Tooth Altucher Confidential : Principal

The Brilliant Hack That Brought Foursquare Back From the Dead


Se viene!!! - Santiago Bilinkis

Big Data Company Palantir Is Raising $58M At A Hefty $9B Valuation | TechCrunch


Coquimbo: El mar del emprendimiento - Coquimbo - 24horas

StudentUniverse Acquires WeHostels: Diego Saez-Gil on What's NextPulsoSocial

In Conversation Eric Ries on How to be Entrepreneurial Inside a Big Company - YouTube

Welcome To The Unicorn Club: Learning From Billion-Dollar Startups | TechCrunch

Wisboo Startup Camp

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 21 de Julio, 2015, 6:54

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Greenhouse recruiting

Do it yourself

How GitHub (no longer) Works

Statistical models can predict a Kickstarter"s success within 4 hours | Ars Technica

69 cosas que he aprendido trabajando con startups e inversores | Estrategia, Startups y Modelos de negocio

10 ideas para pasar de empleado a emprendedor | Yoriento

No quieras ser emprendedor, simplemente, emprende: 8 ideas para empezar (749) | Yoriento

A Founder of Twitter Goes Long -

Nace Satellogic, empresa barilochense de nanosatélites,-empresa-barilochense-de-nanosatelites_1835#.UnyqS3CYYy4

16 Useful Services to Develop Your Startup Like a Boss : Webdistortion

Airbnb cofounder: In the early days, "every rejection we got was an invitation to keep going" | VentureBeat

How to manage your 40,000 negative thoughts a day and keep moving forward | Financial Post

Closing the small business talent gap | Financial Post

How the Internet changed the venture capital landscape: Albert Wenger | Financial Post

Automattic: No Email, No Office Workers - Business Insider

Developers, entrepreneurs and depression | Business of Software

WeXchange – connect LAC"s female entrepreneurs to investors, mentors and experts

Y Combinator Dinner for Your Teen - Online Fundraising Auction - BiddingForGood;jsessionid=WNDnv5zHrGioxBktnO4qdw**.app4?id=202802658

Wolox - Convocatoria Fin de Año 2013

8 Lessons Startups Can Learn From Twitter's Chaotic Creation Story

Las 3 claves de un team emprendedor de última generación

How coworking accelerates your workpace and makes you work smarter, Feedback from Felena Hanson and more | StartupsFM

6 Myths About Lean Startups | Keith Hanson

Yahoo Acquires Startup LookFlow To Work On Flickr And "Deep Learning" | TechCrunch

How we skipped the VCs, crowdfunded our Series A — and raised nearly $2M online — Tech News and Analysis

Andreessen Horowitz Backs Out of Seed Investing | StrictlyVC, LLC

How To Launch A Startup Without Writing Code

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Reinventing Yourself | TechCrunch

The Story Behind a Radical New Idea: A Social Network for Academia |

Inside GitHub's Super-Lean Management Strategy--And How It Drives Innovation ? Co.Labs ? code community

The One Best Metric for Your Startup to Maximize

Official Blog: Supporting entrepreneurs worldwide with UP Global

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Publicado el 13 de Julio, 2015, 7:40

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Lean Startup at Scale

Y Combinator applicant advice — on startups — Medium

RutaN - Home
Medellin, Colombia

The science of enterprise-architecture | Tom Graves / Tetradian

What I learnt from bootstrapping my startup from Thailand in six months

Kevin Systrom, Instagram's man of vision, now eyes up world domination | Technology | The Observer

The Shyahi Blog — Putting everything together - Free tools for startups

Amo mi Startup. No la cambiaría por nada. | Blog BOMBAcamp

Twitter Founder Reveals Secret Formula for Getting Rich Online | Wired Business |

Breaking Away

Some thoughts on startup crowdfunding

5 Sacrifices You Must Make As An Entrepreneur

Do You Deserve Investment Capital? |

ThinkBig Accelerator Partners With Microsoft Ventures

Lessons learned in a year of freelancing | A geek with a hat

2 Mental Exercises For Battling "It Won't Work" Syndrome

The Entrepreneur's Biggest Pitfall: Boredom |

A SaaS Startup"s Journey to $100K a Month

Simple Online Help Desk Support Software by Groove

Todavía no escales tu pequeño segmento de mercado | Blog BOMBAcamp

The Three Most Significant Venture Deals Of 2013: SnapChat, Uber, AngelList – Haywire

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Fred Wilson"s predictions for AngelList come true | PandoDaily

Exclusive: AngelList raises $24 million at a heavenly valuation - The Term Sheet: Fortune's deals blogTerm Sheet

Dattch, A Pinterest-Inspired Dating App For Gay Women, Closes $160K To Fuel Its UK Beta | TechCrunch

Envíos OCA

eCommerce Solutions - OCA Argentina - YouTube

How I failed - O'Reilly Radar

Discover and get early access to tomorrow's startups - Beta List

Klout and startup adolescence - Business Insider

Memo To GitHub: It's Time To Stop Geeking Out – ReadWrite

Bilinkis: "El inversor no lee el plan de negocios" | Negocios | Infotechnology

Reservas online de combis y charters | Combis a la Carta

Application Development and Marketing for Startups | Buenos Aires | Uplifted

Business Models

Startup Metrics for Pirates

Do Things that Don't Scale

Business Model Canvas Optimized for Lean Startup | Lean Canvas

Spark59 - Tools, Content, and Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Running Lean: The Lean Startup How-to Book

SOFTWAY - Soluções e Software para Comércio Exterior | Página Inicial

By Design | David Karp Is Tumblr's Reluctant Technologist -

Ash Maurya — Practice Trumps Theory

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Publicado el 16 de Junio, 2015, 7:20

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Houzz CEO Adi Tatarko On Building A Successful Marketplace | TechCrunch

These Founders Are Trying to Save Their Startup With Honesty

Distrito tecnológico: Parque Patricios se transforma: ya se radicaron 158 empresas

What Is The Future Of VC? | TechCrunch

There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Incentive for Entrepreneurs - N. Taylor Thompson - Harvard Business Review

Wideo - Make animated online videos free

When Your Startup"s MVP Hack Becomes Technical Debt | by @kevindewalt Kevin Dewalt's Blog

15 Ways to End a Business Partnership Gracefully

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Starting And Running Your Business | TechCrunch


How To Build A Successful Business From Home

A Startup World In An Infographic

How Pete Cashmore Founded Mashable at Age 19 in Scotland | How I Did It |

Students raise cash with novel tool - SFGate

12 Claves para levantar dinero en una Startup | Blog BOMBAcamp

¿Qué no es un Mínimo Producto Viable? | Biko

Culture Code: Creating A Lovable Company

Here are Silicon Valley"s 10 most in-demand startups | VentureBeat

Startup Architecture: How to Lean on Others to Get Stuff Done

10 Lecciones Aprendidas en BOMBAcamp | Blog BOMBAcamp

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 12 de Junio, 2015, 6:55

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Freemium Is Irresistable, Even For Successful Game Companies | TechCrunch

The Wisdom of Giving

IDEO workshop for Techstars

5 Must-Follow Twitter Accounts for Entrepreneurs : Principal

How To Think About Minimum Viable Products, And The Path To Passion At Startup Festival | TechCrunch

The Mistake Bank: Interview with Dan Isenberg, author of "Worthless, Impossible and Stupid"

Lean Analytics Book

SXSW: Lean Startup for Big Brands | Blog | design mind

Startups, Throw Out Your Financial Models: The Argument For Lean Modeling - Forbes

How to Build Your Startup Technology Stack Real Fast Without Investing Any Money. | Lilly Labs

El taller de emprendedores Lean Startup Machine llega a España

Keen On… Draper University Of Heroes: Tim Draper Is Looking For The Best And The Brightest (Is That You?) | TechCrunch

What Is The Company Culture Of Path Like? - Forbes

Dropbox Moves Beyond The File To Power Cross-Platform Applications | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

How Dropbox Will Remake Itself (And Your Angry Birds) | Wired Enterprise |

Why Business Software is Broken – Our promise to keep things simple

Zombies are about to invade Latin America - The Next Web

How to build a business around data in 7 easy steps, explained with food — Tech News and Analysis

Diagonal Valley: Cuarto Encuentro <Lean UX> - Eventioz

With a sticky audience, Wanelo sits at the intersection of social media and ecommerce — Tech News and Analysis

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 27 de Mayo, 2015, 7:25

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Startup Liaison Robert Scoble Opens Up About Big Data, Systems of the Future, and Facebook Graph Search | Modern Marketing

APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur | How to Publish a Book

Welcome to The Lean Startup Conference.

Intuit Buys Elastic Intelligence, Will Use Connection Cloud To Help SMEs Build Apps | TechCrunch

Javier Santana: Emprendiendo desde las trincheras

What It's Like to Work Inside Jack Dorsey's Brain | Wired Business |

.@wences: Teach Your Children to be Doers - The Accelerators - WSJ

Lemon Wallet · Your smarter wallet

La burbuja del emprendimiento | Economía | Cinco Días

Start-up Fundraising Tips from the Front Lines | Inc. 5000

The Man Who Escaped Microsoft and Took a Whole Company With Him | Wired Business |

El arte de emprender desde América Latina | Acamica

Startup drugs | PandoDaily

From zero to half-a-billion: CEO Jeff Lawson writes the perfect story for Twilio — Tech News and Analysis

The Zen of Entrepreneurship | TechCrunch

Modabound: The eBay For Fashion | Simply Zesty

Startup Advice - Sam Altman

The Journalist's New Escape Plan: Start-Ups

Alex Payne — Letter To A Young Programmer Considering A Startup

5 tips for a new generation of entrepreneurs - Richard's Blog -

Creating New Mobile User Experiences Using Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation - TopCoder, Inc.

Russia Hopes The Skolkovo Tech City Will Produce Its Great Leap Forward | TechCrunch

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 8 de Mayo, 2015, 2:08

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Ooga Labs Takes A Ground-Up Approach To Generate Growth And Network Effects For Startups | TechCrunch

Is This Kickstarter Project the Future of Blogging?

60+ Investors Band Together To Form BitAngels, The First Multi-City Angel Network & Incubator For Bitcoin Startups | TechCrunch

23 Enterprise IT People You Should Follow - Business Insider

Top 10 startup spoofs you need to see now | VentureBeat

Top 10 Books for Entrepreneurs to Read this Summer | OpenView Labs

Inside the Inventive and Entrepreneurial Mind of Elon Musk

Anatomy Of An Undisclosed Investment Or Exit | TechCrunch

10 Burning Questions on Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation - TopCoder, Inc.

Interview Spotlight: New York Startup Problemio

Buenos Aires Ciudad - Desarrollo Emprendedor

Buenos Aires Ciudad - Desarrollo Emprendedor

Startup Marketing Blog - By Sean Ellis

Tumblr Worth More Than $1.1 Billion To Yahoo - Business Insider

14 Revealing Signs You Love Your Startup Job

The Case for the 'Entrepreneur Generation' |

20 Hot London Startups You Need to Watch

Encuentro Internacional de Educación: Participa en el gran debate sobre el futuro de la educación | Maestros del Web

Socrative, realiza actividades de evaluación con tus alumnos utilizando los dispositivos móviles | Maestros del Web

Descubre una serie de tips para la creación de cursos masivos en línea (MOOCs) | Maestros del Web

La función de los MOOC en la educación superior sigue siendo poco clara | Maestros del Web

Diseña tu curso en línea y publícalo a través de Canvas Network | Maestros del Web

Estimula el nivel de participación de tus alumnos con Wikispaces Classroom | Maestros del Web

Udemy, cursos en línea con los instructores más grandiosos del mundo | Maestros del Web

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Publicado el 23 de Abril, 2015, 16:04

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The One-Person Product –

Donald Trump busca masificar el crowfunding

AirStrip uses iPhones, iPads to cut through health care data tangle | VentureBeat

Imaging and lab results are begging for an electronic, cloud-based makeover | VentureBeat

Salesforce: The cloud is not an "all or nothing game" for health care | VentureBeat

Lo que necesita un negocio online ahora se llama growth hacking | TICbeat

Who needs databases? Orchestrate closes massive $3M seed round to turn NoSQL into NoDB | VentureBeat

10 trucos para mejorar tu idea de negocio | TICbeat

5 cool new health care apps | VentureBeat

Pinterest makes smarter pins and hints at a way to monetize | VentureBeat

How Practice Fusion plans to use patient data to save lives | VentureBeat

Tumblr Founder David Karp Gives Advice - Business Insider

The Evolution Of Hacker News | TechCrunch

How to Identify a Lean Startup by Ash Maurya - Capital Factory Demo Day 2010 - YouTube

The Naive Optimist • Profit is good

Startup Funding & How It Works: The Journey From Idea To IPO [Chart]

What Tumblr"s sale means for New York startup ecosystem — Tech News and Analysis

Tech Hubs Flourish Outside of Silicon Valley

Could WordPress be the next Tumblr? | Dan Gillmor | Comment is free |

What Value-Add To Expect From Your VC

Adeo Ressi On Startup Ideas - Business Insider

What Nikola Tesla vs. VCs video says about the state of Silicon Valley — Tech News and Analysis

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