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Publicado el 4 de Mayo, 2016, 5:31

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Startups Archives - Flexport

23 Campaigns Every Startup Should Run to Gain Immediate Traction Discussion on

Top 10 books for entrepreneurs - Get Ahead

The 9 Most Damaging Lies We Tell Ourselves Daily |

Austen Allred - Rules of Growth

The Best Part of Working for Yourself |

Google y Amazon se unen a Incutex para continuar potenciando startups en Argentina | Incutex Blog

(138) I am an entrepreneur (or perhaps trying to be one) and want to raise money for my idea for an app. Do I need a partner before I can get funding? - Quora


The 10 Most Innovative Startups of 2014 |

The Current State of Machine Intelligence — Medium

The 15 Most Valuable Startups in the World |

How I fell in love with—and invested $250k in—the BETTER App — Medium

Lanzan Mango, una nueva plataforma de pagos on line para emprendimientos y organizaciones -

Fire Yourself: How to be a Successful Co-Founder

Procrastinar: 6 claves para dejar de postergar tus tareas

How to Make Dreams Real | The Startup Guide - Creating a Better World Through Entrepreneurship

La convocatoria 2015 ya está abierta! | Incutex Blog

¿Cuál es el equipo ideal para un emprendimiento en internet?

Why My Recent Launch Bombed: a Postmortem - Claire Pelletreau

The best places in the world to launch a start-up

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Publicado el 27 de Abril, 2016, 7:16

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How to Explain a Complicated Startup Idea |

(92) How do you avoid hiring the wrong people for your startup? - Quora

10 Notable Quotes from Pierre Omidyar |

Las 8 clases de emprendedores… ¿con cuál te identificás?

Paganza | La forma inteligente de pagar tus cuentas

6 preguntas antes de que renuncies a iniciar tu empresa - Terra España,cc7e8f86c42f8410VgnVCM4000009bcceb0aRCRD.html


Satellogic: space is the new Wild West (Wired UK)

How to Find the Right Startup for You |

How to Reapply to YC — Medium

La escuela de las Startups

Coentrepreneurs Week End Louvain-la-Neuve | The Philippe Back Report

Improve your way of working with Philippe Back

Our Journey To and Through YC — Medium

Apache Hadoop Distributor MapR Closes $110 Million Funding - Tools Journal

Dear Entrepreneur: You"re Crazy. (Why That"s A Good Thing) |

8 cosas que aprendí en Silicon Valley - Santiago Bilinkis

FailCon | Home

Stop Believing That You Have to Be Perfect - Dorie Clark - Harvard Business Review

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Publicado el 24 de Abril, 2016, 14:09

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(531) Entrepreneurship: What do people in Silicon Valley plan to do once they are over 35? - Quora

The Evolution of Lean: A Conversation With Eric Ries - GrowthHackers

Aprendiendo a volar (Parte I)

Create Contracts | Legítimo App

Buscouniversidad - El Buscador de Carreras Universitarias y Terciarias

Tomas O'Farrell - Co-Founder @ Workana | CrunchBase


Fnbox Online Adventures

Sonico - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Ping Identity, Auth0 Land Funding Deals | Re/code

Las 5 habilidades empresariales más importantes que debería tener un emprendedor | Eureka-Startups

Why Founders Should Know How to Code | Steve Blank

(508) How good of a programmer does one need to be to found a startup? - Quora

Is the Indie App Opportunity Gone? | Developer Economics

The Classes You Need to Take to Become an Entrepreneur |

What Nobody Tells You About Being an Entrepreneur |

Technology News & Computers, Mobile, Internet and Trends in Innovation -

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Publicado el 22 de Abril, 2016, 5:45

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Bastante temas de criptomonedas, Bitcoin, Ethereum, revisar el proyecto Hyperledger, por ejemplo.

Zcash - All coins are created equal.

Bitcoin rival Ethereum's price skyrockets -

Ethereum Price Rise being led by Bitcoin Flight - NEWSBTC

Press | Ethcore

#Fintech 2.0: The Great Rebundling – Chris Skinner's blog

The Rise of Location-Agnostic Fintech Accelerators | Bank Innovation

From Credit Scores To Investment Management: 102 Startups Digitizing The Bank

FinTech Buyers Club: Who Invests in FinTech Startups? | Let's Talk Payments

Market Data Feed and API – Financial Web Service – On-Demand

Xignite (@xignite) | Twitter

FINTECH London Tours

Open APIs for UK banking: It's happening, people • The Register

FINTECH Tours London (@FINTECHTours) | Twitter

Home | Hyper Ledger Foundation

Revolut Gets More Funding For Its Mobile Foreign Exchange Service | TechCrunch

Lending Club Statistics - Lending Club

Banking and Fintech: An Uncommon Partnership

Fintech Is Just Getting Started | TechCrunch

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 21 de Abril, 2016, 7:37

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Varios temas a investigar, como bitcoin y blockchains, machine learning, préstamos p2p....

Nearly a Third of Lending Club Borrowers" Income Is "Not Verified" | Bank Innovation

OCBC announces new fintech "innovation center" in Singapore - Tech in Asia

Will Artificial Intelligence have an Uber Effect on Finance? -

FinTech Asia

Mega Blockchain Research on Banks: Strategic Analysis of Activities and Roadmap

The fintech revolution that promises to finish off the big bad banks for good - Telegraph

How Blockchain Ledger Technology Is Coming of Age

13 Australian start-ups to watch in 2016

How to survive and thrive in the fintech revolution | World Economic Forum

The State Of P2P Lending | TechCrunch

Bankers Weigh Blockchain Challenges at BNY Mellon Event - CoinDesk

Q&A: What is blockchain?: PwC

BREAKING BARRIERS | Empowering innovation and entrepreneurship in the dutch financial industry

How Will Bitcoin Technology Go Mainstream? An Analysis Of 5 Strategies - Forbes

Finextra: South African fintech hub opens

Better Finance

Machine Learning vs. Quants: The Advantages of Machine Learning in Finance — OAP

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 14 de Abril, 2016, 6:49

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50 Best Websites for Entrepreneurs |

Employee Engagement, Employee Satisfaction and Company Culture - AlvinHR

Import multiple Products and Product Images to Shopify - By Productify

Mitingu - The place to be

Store Importer - Beta List

Idearium - Business Innovation Software for growing companies

EventScore More people find your event. More people attend.

Big Milestone: $2.4M early funding, 8000 Subscribers and 124 countries.

Developer Love: The Signal for BVP"s investment in Auth0 | Bessemer Venture Partners

Auth0 Raises $2.4M To Help Developers Plug Into Identity Platforms Like Facebook | TechCrunch

Startup Spotlight: Auth0 raises $2.4M to simplify authentication for app developers - GeekWire

Bill Gurley: Silicon Valley Is Taking On Too Much Risk - Business Insider

Burn Baby Burn – AVC

Winning Slowly | Josh Hannah

Why Ranking Investors Matters For Founders — Medium

Todos tenemos un "Plan de negocios" hasta que nos dan un golpe en la cara | Negocios & Management

Startup Selling A Butler for $99/Month Wins TechCrunch Disrupt

Vendé más en MercadoLibre - real trends.

Tutum | CrunchBase

Tutum, a startup building on Docker's hip tech, reels in $2.6M | VentureBeat | Deals | by Jordan Novet

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 12 de Abril, 2016, 6:18

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Varios temas para revisar, como inteligencia artificial y "distributed ledger".

Santander: Distributed Ledger Tech Could Save Banks $20 Billion a Year | Ripple

FinTech Venture Days | IE Business School | Discover FinTech Venture Days, a joint initiative between IE, Santander & Accenture which brings together FinTech companies with leading industry investors.

Fintech Ecosystem Overview - Business Insider

Fidessa group plc ©

The Rise of the Artificially Intelligent Hedge Fund | WIRED

Is VC The Right Money For Fintech? | TechCrunch

Is It Fintech Or Techfin? (Part 1)

Fintech: Search for a super-algo -

Has Fintech Boom Peaked? - WSJ

'Goodbye Mike and Some Thoughts About Bitcoin,' by Charles Hoskinson | Lets Talk Bitcoin

Bitcoin"s Failure and the Return of the Messiah: Satoshi Nakamoto

Empowering Filipino consumers through online comparison tools | Business As Usual, Business Features, The Philippine Star |

Contrast and compare the way | The Manila Times Online

The Social Banker: CEOs: 3 Important Thoughts on FinTech and Community Banking for 2016

Can Fintech restore trust in Financial Services?

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 5 de Abril, 2016, 7:21

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25 FinTech Startups That Expanded Globally Despite Regulations & Other Problems

Kiva and Intuit Team Up to Provide Small Business Loans

Mondo's CEO Wants to Build a Bank for People Who Hate Banks - Bloomberg Business

Golang UK Conference 2015 - Matt Heath - Building a Bank with Go - YouTube

The Bitcoin experiment is NOT over

Bitcoin Falls as Ethereum Rises – A Crisis of Governence

The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment

Capital One Credit Cards, Bank, and Loans - Personal and Business

Capital One | The FinTech Blog

Fintech Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Technology

Big Data driven social profiling for credit scoring

Insurance-Tech Startups Are Invading The Multi-Trillion Dollar Insurance Industry

From Lufax To Funding Circle: 16 Financial Technology Unicorns Ranked By Valuation

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Publicado el 30 de Marzo, 2016, 5:43

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Satellogic plans "constellation" with potential ag uses

Are small companies poised to disrupt the satellite industry? - San Francisco Technology |

Satellogic Aims To Launch A Constellation Of Small Imaging Satellites Around Earth | TechCrunch

Best Business Books To Read Fall 2014 - Business Insider

How to Use a Single Metric to Run Your Startup

The Case For Intelligent Failure To Invent The Future | TechCrunch

How to take on a big-business competitor -

Meet BuzzFeed's Secret Weapon |

Trevor Owens on Lean Startup Machine and The Lean Enterprise

3 Steps to Turn Your Idea Into a Product |

Vacaciones en Silicon Valley

Seventy-five start-ups describe the future at Y Combinator

3 Secrets for Making Your Customers Happy Every Time |

The Secret Weapon Of The Most Inventive Minds

SKMurphy, Inc. David Binetti OnThe Mind of the Entrepreneur

How Startup Funding Really Works (Infographic) |

Half a Decade After Demo Day - Bill Clerico

This Entrepreneur Raised $2M With A Five-Slide Presentation -- About Nothing

A Dozen Things I"ve Learned from Paul Graham | 25iq

Kevin Rose Steps Into Part-Time Role At Google Ventures To Build A New Startup Called North | TechCrunch

Inicio - NqN/webs ::: Diseño, Desarrollo y Hosting de sitios web

¿¿¿Qué corno importa mi opinión???

Confessions of a startup: all our numbers, insights, everything — Looking forward, a blog by Lookback

You Are Not Late — The Message — Medium

Tech Leaders Tell Interns What They Wish They Knew At Age 20 | TechCrunch

The Top Idea in Your Mind

On Managing and Doing Stuff – Simple-Talk

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Publicado el 29 de Marzo, 2016, 6:37

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Neomy alerts you when it is the best time to send money abroad

PayPal Appoints Wences Casares to its Board of Directors - Yahoo Finance

Blockchains Poised To Be The Hot Tech For Moving Money In 2016 - Forbes

What just happened to hashrate?! - Articles - Bitcoin News, Analysis, Interviews and Features

Deloitte: Blockchain Will Become a Reality in 2016 - CoinDesk

Bitfirm: crypto PR by crypto-lovers - Articles - Bitcoin News, Analysis, Interviews and Features

Fintech is opening up lucrative foreign markets to British businesses | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian

Two Wall St Firms May Be Winning the Fintech Race | Payment Week

Innovation Jam Miami - Temenos - US

Barclays Accelerator for tech startups - Business Insider

How financial technology will impact Singapore in 2016 - Channel NewsAsia

Finextra: Finextra news: 2016: A pivotal year for the future of fintech

The Biggest Fintech Hubs Worldwide | Equidam

Fintech terminology that CEOs and business leaders need to know — Ticoon

Awe-Inspiring London FinTech Industry Is Firing on All Cylinders | Let's Talk Payments

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 24 de Marzo, 2016, 15:32

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Tantos temas para ver. Ahora en estas semanas, estoy aprendiendo sobre "smart contracts".

'Smart Contracts' Are the Future of Blockchain | Bank Think

Bitcoin Living, Bitcoin Price Jump, Investments |

This Man Has Been Living On Bitcoin For 3 Years - Forbes

33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016 | Let's Talk Payments -

10 Banking Trends for 2016

The Australian FinTech Ecosystem"s Growth is Breathtaking

How FinTech is finally transforming the financial world | Information Age

As global markets flounder, Bitcoin rockets up 6%

Women in Banking: Fintech Funding and the Rise of Female Regulators | Bank Think

Shai Goldman on Twitter: "digital wallet landscape in the US #fintech #nfc #qr"

Will Provenance Be the Blockchain's Break Out Use Case in 2016? - CoinDesk

Fintech Growth Poised to Disrupt Banking Industry

The 14 companies that illustrate Australia's fintech future |

How Fintech Startups Are Helping The Financial Services Sector

Blockchain – A New Economic Model | Dataconomy

3 Lessons From The Graveyard of FinTech Start-ups | Dataconomy

Six Payments Trends That Will Define 2016 |

Battle for bitcoin dominance becomes East vs. West matchup

Fintech Startups Face Difficult Market Ahead

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 19 de Marzo, 2016, 14:49

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What PayPal, SAP and Intel See for the Year Ahead in Fintech

If Banks Fear Screen Scraping, Why Are They Fighting the Alternative? | Bank Think

The Lines That Divide FinTech Segments Are Blurring

Deutsche Bank Launches Maxblue Robo-Advisor

What We Learned About the Wealth Management Industry Last Year

FinTech Companies Around The World Raised Almost a Billion in December

The 25 fintech 'unicorns' worth over $1 billion ranked by value - Business Insider

Challenger bank will allow you to scan your face to access your bank account  | This is Money

10 Cryptocurrency Trends to Look Out for in 2016 | Finance Magnates

Why 2016 will be the year that peer-to-peer lending finally enters the financial mainstream

LTP Blockchain Momentum 2016 (Infographic)

10 Reflections on Real Estate Crowdfunding in 2015


THE FINTECH ECOSYSTEM REPORT: Measuring the effects of technology on the entire financial services industry - Business Insider

Fintech Predictions and Thoughts for 2016: Innovation from the Big and Small

The #Fullstack #VC (@Minh_Q_Tran): #Fintech = 31 Hottest FinTech Startups Defining the New York FinTech Industry | Let's Talk Payments

Fintech moved mainstream

Do We Even Need Bank Branches Anymore?

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 17 de Marzo, 2016, 5:54

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Chinese Investors Flock To Technology And FinTech Startups - Fintechist

5 Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2016 - CoinDesk

2015: #Banking Game of Thrones, EU regulator get serious, banks learn to share & #FinTech puts on big boy shoes - Think Different Group

Top 10 Fintech Innovations from before the word Fintech was popularized. | Bank Innovation

Microinsurance Is The Answer To The Insurance Industry | TechCrunch

How China Is Innovating FinTech Online Finance |

Top 10 Fintech Predictions for 2016 | Bank Innovation

FinTech Startup's Morning Coffee

The Top 15 Most Important Fintech Stories of 2015 - Forbes

Year in data 2015: Blockchain /Euromoney magazine

The Stories That Shaped the Blockchain Narrative in 2015 - CoinDesk

Fintech investment switches to smaller projects » Banking Technology

5 ways technology is transforming finance - Agenda - The World Economic Forum

Fintech is unbundling the universal banking model: three strategic questions to answer

2016 Forecast: 5 FinTech Experts Pitch In | Let's Talk Payments

Former Wall St titans shake-up banking with fintech investments -

Should You Invest In Bitcoin? 10 Arguments In Favor As Of December 2015 - Forbes

How Many of These Microsoft Initiatives in FinTech Did You Know About? | Let's Talk Payments

Inauguran una oficina digital para que el banco abra los sábados | Banco Santander - Infobae

Average Funding Per FinTech Category –

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Publicado el 10 de Marzo, 2016, 6:37

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Ver el tema omni-channel en bancos, la actividad en Europa occidental, y usos de la blockchain (éste es un gran tema, a seguir con atención).

Latin American Bitcoin Startup Moneero Exits Stealth Mode

P2Bi's Ex-Factor: Revolving Lines of Credit From the Future | P2Binvestor

FIDO Alliance

Secret of Building a Successful FinTech Startup in 2016 [Part 1] | Let's Talk Payments

Omni-channel banking: The digital transformation roadmap

The Great Rebundling of Financial Services | Bank Think

Finextra: Finextra news: Banks and startups: How to find the perfect fit

THE FINTECH ECOSYSTEM REPORT: Measuring the effects of technology on the entire financial services industry - Business Insider Deutschland

33 FinTech Companies From Western Europe to Look out for in 2016

Blockchain in insurance

Security, blockchain & funding: 10 fintech wishes every CIO wants for 2016 - Computer Business Review

Technology: Banks seek the key to blockchain -

Fintech in 2016 - Business Insider

FinTech Startup's Morning Coffee

Top 10 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions for 2016

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 29 de Febrero, 2016, 5:39

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Un tema interesante a revisar, los robo-advisors. Y un tema que me tiene ya muy ocupado profesionalmente, todas las posibilidades de una blockchain.

Fintech Taxonomy Map - Vedanvi

With 2016 set to be another great year for innovation, what should the industry be preparing for? -

The Banks Who Will Fall Through The FinTech Gap – And Never Return | 2016 FinTech Finals | Hong Kong, January 25-26, 2016

5 Financial Tips From Robo-Advisor CEOs - NerdWallet

The Best Robo-Advisors - NerdWallet

5 FinTech Trends to Watch in 2016

InsuranceTech Innovation Booms: Challenges and Opportunities

Like Bees to Honey: Millenials and the Future of FinTech | Dataconomy

From Point-Of-Sale To Money Transfers: 109 Startups Disrupting The Payments Industry

What"s the future of blockchain?

OurCrowd named in Top 10 most innovative fintech companies | ISRAEL21c

China overtakes UK in global fintech race -

Fintech (II): Su auge y cómo lo afrontan los bancos | Interxion

Fintech 50: The Future Of Your Money

Australian tech leaders explore steps to expand nation"s fintech boom

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Publicado el 28 de Febrero, 2016, 14:35

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Enlaces históricos del tema. Más enlaces al final.

The Gentle and Visual Guide to Startup Marketing

Iniciador Valparaiso – Chile –

Amino Apps | CrunchBase

RackWare | CrunchBase

mNectar | CrunchBase

Credit Benchmark | CrunchBase

Spring | CrunchBase

Healthcare Interactive | CrunchBase

Zynstra | CrunchBase

Busbud | CrunchBase

Scytl | CrunchBase

Linio | CrunchBase

Xapo | CrunchBase

Duetto | CrunchBase


Structuring a New Collaborative Culture · An A List Apart Article

The LEAN Community • How Do Serial Entrepreneurs Think? (Full Interview)

Social Capital: The Secret Behind Airbnb and Uber | Brady Capital Research Inc.

Aerospike raises $20M, open sources its in-memory NoSQL database — Tech News and Analysis

Gonzalo Alonso | Lo que no saben

Self-Checkout POS Kiosk by Yapay

Box Acquires YC-Backed Streem | TechCrunch

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Publicado el 24 de Febrero, 2016, 6:25

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FinTech Startup"s Morning Coffee


¿Emprender o no emprender en 'fintech'?

Finextra: Finextra news: VCs like bees around honey as fintech heats up

Top Banks Will Spend $400M on Blockchain Technology by 2019 – CoinSpeaker

Revealing the data behind VC fintech investment [datagraphic] | PitchBook News

About Us – Financial Innovation Now

FinTech Stage Buenos Aires Agenda

Al FIN, por FIN, es el FIN?…Financial Innovation Now! | Facundo Vazquez | LinkedIn

FinTech Startup's Morning Coffee

Top 100 #fintech influencers -

13 Plus Blockchain Startups from the US | Let's Talk Payments

Bitcoin's 'blockchain' tech may transform banking, Technology - THE BUSINESS TIMES

i2ifunding: A Platform Facilitating P2P Loan Disbursement

Six Takeaways from Rwanda"s Financial Inclusion Insights Survey | CGAP

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Banks Beat Back Tech Firms | Bank Think


Trulioo -

Video | Una app para el 'lobo de Wall Street'

EXCLUSIVE: JPMorgan employee note confirms 'aggressive' investment in blockchain technology and robotics - Business Insider

How APIs are changing the FinTech narrative | Thomson Reuters

Video | Una app para el 'lobo de Wall Street' |

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Publicado el 17 de Febrero, 2016, 15:40

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Algo más sobre P2P Lending, blockchain y futurología.

Person-to-person lending - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Biva Serviços Financeiros S.A.

Alianza de Alibaba y MercadoPago

McKinsey Report Predicts Four Stages of Blockchain Adoption

R3 blockchain group adds five banks, brings in technology heavyweights | Reuters

Oscar | Smart, simple health insurance.

OSCAR HEALTH | FinTech Ranking

21 Hottest RegTech Startups That Are Defining the Industry | Let's Talk Payments

FinTech Ranking | All You Should Know About Fintech


#FTSBA15 hashtag on Twitter

Pascal Bouvier (@pascalbouvier) | Twitter

8 Reasons To Buy a FinTech Startup | FinTech Ranking

Three Canadian Companies Among Global List of Financial Technology Innovators -

Future of Finance: Three experts reveal how to stay ahead of the game in FinTech - FinTech

Financial firms to spend $1bn on blockchain in 2017 | News.Markets

Alchemetrics Trading Research

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 10 de Febrero, 2016, 16:03

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Varios enlaces sobre P2P Lending, Blockchain, unicornios y startups

Santander InnoVentures Distributed Ledger Challenge

Six Things You Need to Know About Crowdfunding in Developing Countries

Research: Rapid Rise of P2P Lending in China Holds Global Lessons - Crowdfund Insider

Fintech Unicorn List Q2 2015: An Estimated 46 Have Arrived + 38 On Their Tails

31 Hottest FinTech Startups Defining the New York FinTech Industry

Can Today"s Banks Become the "Bank of the Future"?

What's Missing in Fintech? Oh Yeah, Women | Bank Think

The Fintech Boom And Bank Innovation - Forbes

Robinhood - Zero-Commission Stock Brokerage

Finextra: Finextra PR: Wirecard and Alipay sign agreement for mobile payments at the POS

Finextra: Finextra news: Bank spend on blockchain tech to top $1 billion by 2017 - Magister Advisors

Banks weigh competition from internet sector -

Algorithm Investing Part 2: A Review of LendingRobot

LendingRobot | Automate Loan Selection and Investment in Peer Lending

Disrupting Banking: The FinTech Startups That Are Unbundling Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America

From Flipping Burgers To A $2.25B Fintech Startup | TechCrunch

Grameen Bank - Bank For Small Business |

Fintech"s Five Emerging Powerhouse Markets Are At A Crossroads | TechCrunch

Fintech: Blockchain moves from hullabaloo to hard graft /Euromoney magazine

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Angel "Java" Lopez

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Publicado el 6 de Febrero, 2016, 15:18

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Más sobre el uso de blockchains, gente a seguir en Twitter, hubs de empresas.

The Blockchain Might Be The Next Disruptive Technology | TechCrunch

Florian Graillot (@FGraillot) | Twitter

FinTechs & UBS - Winning Together | Oliver Bussmann | LinkedIn

There will be no winners and losers among Asia fintech hubs | 2016 FinTech Finals | Hong Kong, January 25-26, 2016

Silicon Valley Bank - Fintech Companies Cite Regulatory Hurdles as Biggest Impediment to Growth in 2016, according to Silicon Valley Bank Survey,-according-to-Silicon-Valley-Bank-Survey/

5 exciting fintech startups we saw in Asia in 2015 - Yahoo Singapore Finance

'Banks really have to fear smarter banks' — this CEO nails the dirty secret about fintech startups - Business Insider

FinTech Startup's Morning Coffee

Are We Facing the End of Cash? - ValueWalk

Google Wallet Becomes a Combination of Venmo and Apple Pay

2015: Not a Bright Year for Few FinTech Startups | Let's Talk Payments

Fintech 2015: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

(1) Spiros Margaris (@SpirosMargaris) | Twitter

The Secret of The FinTech Unicorns | Let's Talk Payments

FUNKY BUSINESS - Facundo Vázquez 04 - 12 by

Junta dinero entre amigos - Moneypool

Money pools: a centuries-old savings tool reinvented -

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