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Siri's Inventors Are Building a Radical New AI That Does Anything You Ask

Founder's Road Explainer Video - YouTube

The End Of The Big Venture Formula | TechCrunch

IoT dashboard for environmental monitoring and control

25 FinTech Startups That Expanded Globally Despite Regulations & Other Problems

Fintech Innovation: Unleashing the Power of Technology

Insurance-Tech Startups Are Invading The Multi-Trillion Dollar Insurance Industry

Property Management Software Online | Petra

How Debugplan is going to make running of startups easier

El emprendedor que quiere ser el CEO menos poderoso del mundo


Founder's Road

Barclays Accelerator for tech startups - Business Insider

Financial Modeling for Startups -

CB Insights Data Indicate Collapse in Q4 2015 VC Investments | Re/code

The Biggest Fintech Hubs Worldwide | Equidam

Female entrepreneurs flock to crowdfunding site in Japan -

The DNA of Disruption: How to disrupt an industry in 3 steps |

Stock Options in Startups – A scam or something worth a shot? | Ricard Clau

3 Lessons From The Graveyard of FinTech Start-ups | Dataconomy

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Publicado el 22 de Septiembre, 2016, 8:51

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Fintech Startups Face Difficult Market Ahead

Chris Messina, hashtag inventor, joins Uber as developer experience lead

Sharing is caring: 15 lessons from the top CTOs in Spain

Learnings from 80 startup CTOs

Startups: Impress my 5-year-old son - Business Insider

Don't Make These 10 Startup Mistakes |


What Is Going To Happen In 2016

What happened in 2015

Chinese Investors Flock To Technology And FinTech Startups - Fintechist

Ecosistema "tech" latinoamericano: Una mirada al año que acaba y previsiones para 2016

5 Bitcoin and Blockchain Startups to Watch in 2016 - CoinDesk

Hailo CEO On How Taxis Compete in Europe - Interviews | TechCrunch TV

Silicon Valley's Achilles Heel - Forbes

How to Become a Millionaire: 9 Habits That Can Make You Rich |

The 7 Most Important Books of 2016 |

50 Habits That Prove You Were Born to Be an Entrepreneur

The Freelancer Generation: Why Startups And Enterprises Need To Pay Attention | ...

How startups are taking the concept of IoT forwardDATAQUEST

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Publicado el 21 de Septiembre, 2016, 14:07

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Fintech investment switches to smaller projects » Banking Technology

Average Funding Per FinTech Category –

Latin American Bitcoin Startup Moneero Exits Stealth Mode

Secret of Building a Successful FinTech Startup in 2016 [Part 1]


What are the best ways to think of ideas for a startup? - Quora

Finextra: Finextra news: Banks and startups: How to find the perfect fit

Barclays Accelerator for tech startups - Business Insider

FinTech Startup's Morning Coffee

From Point-Of-Sale To Money Transfers: 109 Startups Disrupting The Payments Industry

How to Build a Winning Startup Team | Startup Hiring

Greg Schott | Crain's

Top 10 Southeast Asian Blockchain, Bitcoin Startups | Fintech Singapore

13 Plus Blockchain Startups from the US | Let's Talk Payments

PromoAffiliates Is A Startup That Distributes Promo Codes For Other Startups

3 Promising Green Startups Attracting Millions From Investors

i2ifunding: A Platform Facilitating P2P Loan Disbursement


Trulioo -

Oscar | Smart, simple health insurance.

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Publicado el 19 de Septiembre, 2016, 11:37

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OSCAR HEALTH | FinTech Ranking

21 Hottest RegTech Startups That Are Defining the Industry | Let's Talk Payments

8 Reasons To Buy a FinTech Startup | FinTech Ranking

Fintech Unicorn List Q2 2015: An Estimated 46 Have Arrived + 38 On Their Tails

31 Hottest FinTech Startups Defining the New York FinTech Industry

It Pays to Be Overconfident -- Science of Us

Robinhood - Zero-Commission Stock Brokerage

Secretive Augmented Reality Startup Magic Leap Raising $827 Million

What Happened to the Breakout Startup? - Real Time Economics - WSJ

Disrupting Banking: The FinTech Startups That Are Unbundling Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America

From Flipping Burgers To A $2.25B Fintech Startup | TechCrunch

5 exciting fintech startups we saw in Asia in 2015 - Yahoo Singapore Finance

Beyond Elon Musk, artificial intelligence startups are having a moment

146 Startup Failure Post-Mortems

Before you build an innovation lab, answer these 6 questions

2015: Not a Bright Year for Few FinTech Startups | Let's Talk Payments

Fintech 2015: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

The Secret of The FinTech Unicorns | Let's Talk Payments

Koding's Global Virtual Hackathon 2016

Junta dinero entre amigos - Moneypool

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Publicado el 10 de Septiembre, 2016, 15:54

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Money pools: a centuries-old savings tool reinvented -

The 7 Worst 'Shark Tank' Pitches of 2015 |

Find digital nomads that are open to start a side project

This easy 9-step business plan still works amazingly well | Aaron Hoos

Startupbootcamp Opens Third Fintech Accelerator, this Time in New York

Creamfinance - Labs of Latvia

From a broke student to a multimillion fintech startup: the story of Creamfinance

Quality of Life: What Does It Mean For A Start-Up? | SaaStr

Demand Generation and B2B Marketing Consultants



do:feedback - Test your app together

eBook Bundles for Creative Entrepreneurs - ReadBundle

How London Startups Are Dominating FinTech

5 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Starting A FinTech Company

Tutum & Docker: Run, Container, Run | Tutum Blog

24/7 Online Loans - Escape Payday Loans & Build Credit - LendUp

Entrepreneurs Get This Wrong About Funding - Fortune


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Publicado el 9 de Septiembre, 2016, 14:21

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3 FinTech Startups Making Saving and Investing Easier - US News

Ten top UK startups -

Hot new payments startups -

2015 Predictions for UK fintech -

Top 25 fintech companies -

The Uberization of Money - WSJ

Finextra: Finextra news: Robo-advisor MoneyFarm raises EUR16m for UK launch

Pursuing a Passionate Wait-and-See Approach to Financing Fintech | Institutional...

Apremy - School for entrepreneurs

Will software that writes code alter tech"s script? -

How this entrepreneur overcame racism, poverty and inexperience to create a bran...

How being early to a new concept can grow a cross-border business

Toronto"s CleanSlate wins $500,000 in international startup competition 43North ...

EX-Citi CEO Pandit invests in TransferWise -

Start-ups aim at banks" income streams -

UK start-up claims blockchain breakthrough in payment processing -

The Founder doing big business by selling simplicity secures $15 million funding...

Fintech Start-Ups: Threat or Innovation Partner?

Should banks fear fintech? | BankNXT

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Publicado el 8 de Septiembre, 2016, 8:41

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Record $1 billion invested in Bitcoin firms so far - Nov. 2, 2015

The 12 hottest Nordic fintech startups - Business Insider

Kabbage's Alternative Lending Growth Path |

Fintech Start-Ups Now Targeting Banks" Core

Three FinTech Startups You Should Know

FinTech Influencers

Breaking bad money habits with neuroscience | BankNXT

Alex Scandurra on working with fintech startups | BankNXT

FinTech flourishing in LatAm | Breaking Banks

Suitebox unveils virtual advice offering | Money Management

This is how a new crop of companies are trying to reinvent banking

Barclays Accelerator Powered by Techstars

SoFi - Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing

Wise-Sync Announce New Payment Platform Wise-Pay - markITwrite

The Financial Services Club's Blog: The future of banking and the state of now

iBillionaire Capital

Mobshr | Coworking at local cafés

Booking.js embeddable calendar widget for appointments -

Automated Investment Forecasting - Home

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Publicado el 7 de Septiembre, 2016, 8:00

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VentureCrowd Startups

FinTech Thinks That"s A Cute Little Wall Street Job You"ve Got There

Miami: Fintech Americas Conference Puts Focus On Latin American Market - NBC New...

9 Reasons Why Now Is The Time For Fintech - Forbes

AirDonkey by Donkey Republic - Earn Money On Your Bike

The App Cookbook

El Mobile Only desplazará al Mobile First

Will Fintech Upstarts Do To Banks What Uber Has Done To Taxis

Fintech Innovation Lab

Stocktoberfest Moves Fintech Guru Howard Lindzon to Center Stage | Xconomy

Bond Street | Simple, transparent, fair business financing


Game design and collaboration made easy - Gamescrye

Ideality - Everything starts with an Idea

Stencil is coming

9 Reasons Why It Sucks Working for a Startup |

Why Fintech Is One of the Most Promising Industries of 2015 |

The Internet of Things Is Far Bigger Than Anyone Realizes | WIRED

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Publicado el 4 de Septiembre, 2016, 17:39

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The Pitch VC


Hauscall - Find your realtor. Find your home.

Kreditech Nabs $92M To Build Financial Services For The "Underbanked" | TechCrun...

Forest | Who's there? | iOS, AppleWatch & Android App

Startup Resources

How do I start a startup by myself? - Quora

Signup | Freemio

Hund - Hosted Status Pages

Coworker ­- Read Reviews & Find Your Perfect Coworking Space



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Publicado el 2 de Septiembre, 2016, 6:06

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The King of Swamp Castle - CoinDesk

Bloomberg Editorial Board: Public and Private Blockchains Need Level Playing Field - CoinDesk

Bitcoin and the Future of Blockchain in International Payments Systems | American Express FX International Payments

Digital Currency 'Still on the Agenda' at Russian Central Bank - CoinDesk

Sweden leads the race to become cashless society | Business | The Guardian

Untangling \u201cThe Business Blockchain\u201d | Marginalia

How Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt Financial Services Firms - Knowledge@Wharton

Lending Club And What It Means For Fintech - Forbes

On Settlement Finality - Ethereum Blog

This Early Ripple Supporter is Using Ethereum to Rethink Banking - CoinDesk

How Your Wallet Will Become the Next Platform | Let's Talk Payments

A Bitcoin Exchange Just Got Approval to Operate Across the EU | WIRED

BIP 75 Simplifies Bitcoin Wallets for the Everyday User | Bitcoin Magazine

Finance and Beyond: An Infographic Map of Bitcoin and the Emerging Blockchain Ecosystem | Bitcoin Magazine

Five European Fintech Startups To Watch - Forbes

Innovate Finance Global Summit: Top 100 Influencers and Brands

Why different is better than better in Fintech

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Publicado el 27 de Agosto, 2016, 14:33

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IOSCO Lists Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrencies on List of Investor Risks - Crowdfund Insider

Juan Llanos (@JuanLlanos) | Twitter

Barclays, U.K. Regulators Endorse Bitcoin in Deal With Startup - Bloomberg

HSBC, RBS and Barclays plan to close 400 UK branches this year - sources | Daily Mail Online

Here's why millennials aren't investing

From bitcoin, to robo-advice, crowdfunding and regulatory sandboxes: Scott Morrison's fintech plan | Business Insider


Startup funding is drying up and fintech is no exception - Quartz

Central banks ponder effects of digital currencies- Nikkei Asian Review

Top 20 Social Influencers in FinTech - JAX Finance

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Publicado el 26 de Agosto, 2016, 6:16

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Payments (R)evolution - Special Edition 2016 - - - Switzerland Becomes a Leading Centre of FinTech Innovation

Ethereum Emerges, Bitcoin vs. "Bankchains" :: Blockchain Letter, March 2016 — Medium

FINTECH BRIEFING: UK regulator on robo-advisors - Business Insider

The Experience Revolution: The Difference a Year Can Make - Midmarket today

Poincenot invierte en la creación de tres empresas FinTech en Argentina | Inversor Latam

This AI tells you where to invest your money by analyzing the Internet

Mircea Mihaescu (@MirceaMihaescu) | Twitter


Innovate Finance Global Summit 2016 – Building a better future for finance through FinTech

Why Tennis Star Andy Murray Is Betting On Fintech And Ice Cream - Forbes

The best free research papers on fintech and blockchain | BankNXT

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Publicado el 25 de Agosto, 2016, 7:10

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20 Amazing Facts You Need To Know About Fintech | Call Levels App


Eight Months Since Release, Ethereum Is Second Only To Bitcoin

The Ether Review #16 - Dominic Williams, Synthetic Assets by Arthur Falls

Microsoft\u2019s Marley Gray: Ripple and ILP Will Be the Fabric of Multi-Chain Future | Ripple

Microsoft Explores Adding Ripple Tech to Blockchain Toolkit

Azure Blockchain as a Service update | Blog | Microsoft Azure

Ripple Releases Interledger to Connect Bank and Blockchain Worlds  BenzingaFintech Awards

The Next Billion-Dollar Insurer | TechCrunch

How fintech can help banks harness KYC data | Blog | Thomson Reuters Financial & Risk

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Publicado el 22 de Junio, 2016, 6:47

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Fintech: Transformation, or Global Revolution?

Figo API | ProgrammableWeb

Africa's big banks are betting on fintech startups and bitcoin to beat disruption - Quartz

U.S. presses retail banks to help millions of 'unbanked' Americans

Fintech landscape, big data, regulation, and innovation

Are banks still cynical about the Fintech Revolution?

Swanest (@Swanest_) | Twitter

Hannes Bernstein (@HannesBernstein) | Twitter

Swanest | Your Digital Investment Assistant

HSBC to be first global victim of digital, Deutsche Bank will follow: Moven founder Brett King - The Economic Times

Fintech IT Trends 2016 | Augusto Fernandez Villa | LinkedIn


Hawk: Privacy-Preserving Blockchain and Smart Contracts

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Publicado el 18 de Junio, 2016, 15:16

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Course Builders Laboratory | Webinar

4 Early Indicators Your Startup Idea Can Succeed |

reinventing organizations - a case study

Reinventing Organizations - YouTube

Referencias, o cómo conseguir que nos recomienden

Cómo empezar a trabajar online - Parte 2 | Freelancear

Cómo empezar a trabajar online – Parte 1

Design In Tech Report 2015 — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers

(Traditional) Online versus Digital Banking - FinTech Forum

100+ websites to submit your startup

What Makes Uber Run | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

Brian Helmick: Tips for Creating a Profitable Startup | Stanford Graduate School of Business

12 basic questions you should know when pitching a business idea

Chat Banking: The Path to Ubiquitous Mobile Banking — The Neobanker — Medium

The Four Best Productivity Tricks I Learned At Google | Fast Company | Business Innovation

OpenDron - Servicios, Ventas, Alquileres y Reparaciones de Drones

5 Financial Ratios Every Entrepreneur Should Know |

INTAL D-Tec - Endeavor Argentina y el BID

This Is What Impactful Engineering Leadership Looks Like - First Round Review



indx guru

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Clusto - Smart Universal Inbox

How Nairobi Is Earning Its Nickname as the Developing World's 'Silicon Savannah' |

Colppy Sistema Contable - Gestión online para empresas

Xinch | Manage your company’s online expenses from one place


These are the world's top startup unicorns right now


(6) When should I fire my cofounder? - Quora

The Startup Community

Rindle - All Your Tasks. One App. Your Workflow.

Sink or swim: why some startups succeed and others don't | Guardian Small Business Network | The Guardian

12 Must Watch TED Talks for Entrepreneurs | Best Business TED Talks Videos

Monk - Smart Borrowing Comes With Responsible Saving

The 6 Types of Entrepreneur

The 50 Best Fintech Innovators of 2014

These 2 simple slides show just how hot FinTech is right now - Business Insider

Wharton FinTech

FinTech Hackathon

Top 100 Companies - FinTech Forward - American Banker

Fintech Innovation Lab

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Publicado el 21 de Mayo, 2016, 7:01

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The fintech revolution | The Economist

Homepage | FinTech Sandbox

15 Fintech Startups To Watch In 2015 - Forbes

Discovering new business models with the Internet of Things | The Big Data Hub

Nextdoor existe porque los periódicos locales perdieron la ocasión de ser Nextdoor

Why London's Fintech Startup Scene Is Growing Fast | American Banker

Adelantos Personales Online | Moni

A new breed of startups is redefining recruitment in India


Banks' Real Fight with Fintech: Who Owns the Customer? | American Banker

So You Want To Build A Full Stack Startup In Fintech? | TechCrunch

Next Bank

Technisys - Home

Fintech 2.0 Is Just Around The Corner: Santander

Tech.London - YouTube

Tech.London: London's Official Guide for Tech & Startups

Ex-Googlers Raise $6M For Connectifier, An AI Approach To Recruitment Search | TechCrunch

Balance Work And Life Like Branson: Love What You Do - Forbes

IBM Announces Global Entrepreneur Program for Cloud Startups :: Cloud Computing :: PivotPoint

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Publicado el 20 de Mayo, 2016, 6:02

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8 Tips from Entrepreneurs Who Grew Startups into Successful Businesses |

8 Changes To Make If You Really Want To Be Successful

6 Steps To Success For An Entrepreneurial Mindset | Addicted 2 Success

The Uberization of Banking

Helpshift Introduces Baishampayan Ghose, CTO & CoFounder

(53) What is the most bizarre startup that became successful that everyone had doubts about? - Quora

We Have Liftoff - Alumni - Harvard Business School

Sir Richard Branson on entrepreneurship | London Business School - YouTube

Jack Welch: "Go be an entrepreneur" | London Business School - YouTube

(88) What was the best advice you ever received on being productive? - Quora

El constructor del futuro - Santiago Bilinkis

An MVP is not a Cheaper Product, It"s about Smart Learning — Medium

Reinventing Organizations - Home

Silicon Valley empuja a América Latina | Tecnología | EL PAÍS

Malcolm Gladwell's 5 Best Life Lessons for Entrepreneurs |

Breaking Bad is the ultimate Startup Lesson — Medium

How to Growth Hack Your Content Marketing [PODCAST] | Unbounce

The Sum of Its Parts

3 Rules From Richard Branson for Hiring Remarkable People

How Super Angel Chris Sacca Made Billions, Burned Bridges And Crafted The Best Seed Portfolio Ever - Forbes

Diving into market spaces - Business School - Companies & Management Video -

3 Really Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Steve Jobs |

I Am Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator. AMA | Hacker News

Productivity Hacks From Startup Execs - Business Insider

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Publicado el 18 de Mayo, 2016, 7:13

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Trivia Crack hits 130 million downloads - Business Insider

How to Make the Best of Shrinking Office Space |

Careers at Uber

How Slack Uses Slack | Fast Company | Business Innovation

Why Do Startups Fail? — Entrepreneurial Insights — Medium

Amazon Prime Is One of the Most Bizarre Good Business Ideas Ever | WIRED

Techstars Episode III - Demo Day | Infinit Community

Starting is Hard To Do | Mandrill Email Platform Blog

How Bluesmart became one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns ever

Wired 6.12: HotMale

7 Rad Reasons To Work for a Startup | Jennifer Moss | LinkedIn

'Venture Capitalists Don't Care About Your Age' |

150M 1 New Reasons to be Thankful at Techstars | Startups and Burritos

Alipay Is Starting to Look Like the Future of Chinese Banking | MIT Technology Review

How 'venture builders' are changing the startup model | VentureBeat | Business | by Ali Diallo, Media Investment Tech Ventures

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Business

8 Resources for Funding Mobile Healthcare and Fitness Startup

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The 27 Metrics in Pinterest"s Internal Growth Dashboard

(175) I Dropped Out Of College (cs). I Created 3 Software Startups. I'm 25. Am I Screwed? - Quora Why You Should Quit Your Job to Focus on Your Startup

"The Rise of Alternative Finance" . CrowdFund Beat

Leapfunder Helps Startups Raise 2 Million - Leapfunder Blog

Howard Schultz: encontrando el aroma del éxito | Imagen Emprendedora

Internet of Things application development platform

Breaking Into Startups — Medium

The bigger the dream, the greater the opportunity -

William Barnett: Beware of VCs Who Claim to Know What's Next | Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Payments Industry Explained - Business Insider

The Python Paradox is now the Scala Paradox — Martin Kleppmann"s blog

The Year in Kickstarter 2014 — Kickstarter

Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket Set to Launch Tuesday |

SpaceX Falcon 9 Ocean Landing January 6 - Business Insider

The Most Fascinating Profile You'll Ever Read About a Guy and His Boring Startup | WIRED

Learn Before You Build: Lean Startup Cycle in Reverse

5 Essential Ingredients to Doing What You Love For a Living

Uber cierra temporalmente su servicio en España

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh's Las Vegas Startup Paradise - Businessweek

FunPuntos - Gana premios visitando los lugares que te gustan

Collaboration and productivity for your business: Joincube

Crowdfunding Tips: Countries to Work With - Flexport

Founder's Guide to Basic Startup Infrastructure - Flexport

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