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T.E.Lawrence y los libros: Comentarios

Enviado por Martin Salias (Contacto, Página)
Fecha: 8 de Noviembre, 2011, 1:56

Definitivamente, le recomiendo "Seven Pillars..."
T.E. Lawrence es un escritor increíble, además de haber vivido/escrito una vide formidable.

"I had been many years going up and down the Semitic East before the war, learning the manners of the villagers and tribesmen and citizens of Syria and Mesopotamia. My poverty had constrained me to mix with the humbler classes, those seldom met by European travellers, and thus my experiences gave me an unusual angle of view, which enabled me to
understand and think for the ignorant many as well as for the more enlightened whose rare opinions mattered, not so much for the day, as for the morrow."


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